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Why do some people prefer Rieker shoes over other brands

Rieker designs all its shoes with comfort and style in mind without compromising on the longevity of the product. This brand practice makes the stylish Rieker shoe unique.

The Rieker shoes brand opened its operations in Germany in 1874. It would take them a short space of time to build up a worthy reputation in the shoe industry for their knack for producing premium quality footwear that offers the highest level of comfort to their customers. Rieker produces all shoes in production units in Vietnam, North Africa, and Eastern Europe.

The material of Rieker shoes provide a snug fit over the feet, causing no form of discomfort. It possesses arch support and a cushioning that gives the wearer the ability to face a long day without the fear of tired feet.

All shoes from Rieker are not only aimed at aesthetics, they are designed to be functional and to offer the user a lot more than a simple fashion statement. Within every Rieker shoe is a lightweight and elastic component that helps it provide an antistress feature to the user.

The antistress feature is one of the major reasons many people love to wear Rieker shoes and not those from other brands.

The functional features in a Rieker make it ideal for the elderly and other individuals suffering foot problems, including heel pain. This choice is all down to a Rieker shoe’s ability to ensure that the wearer stays in full comfort without going through the pain brought about by poor fitting.

Here are some other common foot problems and their solutions;

Hallux Limitus or Hallux Rigidus: these refer to an issue brought on by the wearing down of the joint cartilage which will lead to stiffness, lack of motion, and pain in the foot. This is a genetic issue caused by trauma. Other causes include poor footwear, which makes you use your big toe most of the time for stability, propulsion, and movement.

The solution to Hallux Limitus or Hallux Rigidus is lightweight shoes. These shoes will help you reduce strain and fatigue on your toes. Ensure that your lightweight shoes come with rigid soles that will keep your big toe from bending and twisting often.

Also, choose shoes with wide toe boxes that will allow your toes some room.

Rieker ladies shoes and sandals – Ladies White Ice Heeled Leather Sandals

Bunions: Bunions are another common foot issue. It refers to the ugly bump that appears under the big toe. This is caused by an unnatural pressure from poor footwear which forces your big toe out of place and towards the other side.

The remedy is to go for shoes with square or round toe boxes in the right size. The square or round toe boxes help to keep your digits separated; it also encourages natural alignment.

Rieker ladies shoes and sandals – Rieker 44875-14 Ladies Ocean Navy Leather Touch Fastening Shoes

Flat feet: Flat feet is another common foot issue, collapsed foot arches. This occurs when the muscles in the feet weaken through constant strain and zero arch support. Flat arches can lead to an individual’s feet turning outwards at the ankle which leads to a misalignment that can cause a grinding of the knee and lower back pain.

If you are suffering from flat feet, you can combat it by purchasing shoes with padded arch support that can raise the back of your foot through a slight broad heel. Get a heel that is between 20mm and 40mm high to balance your feet and posture.

Also consider these trainers. Rieker N7671-69 Ladies Black And Yellow Lace Up Trainers

As described above, avoiding a foot problem is more or less about acquiring the right footwear to cater to or correct the problem. Human feet differ from person to person, so some shoes fit particular foot shapes better than others. If you desire an efficient way of avoiding any sort of foot pain, begin by acquiring the perfect shoe to help you overcome your foot issues.

A simple change might make a lot of difference. Don’t go for high heels if you suffer joint pain, they would place pressure on your legs and feet. If you have broad feet, look out for such shoes designed for people with a wide-foot.

If you sweat a lot, choose breathable shoes or those with sweat-wicking capabilities to help you keep safe from fungal infections. Do you feel your toes squishing together as you walk? Find yourself a shoe with a round toe box to prevent bunions and other related foot issues.

With good shoes, you can avoid foot pain and other foot problems. Rieker shoes give you all you need in this department.

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