Vestiaire Collective 2022 Review

“vestiaire” is a french word that translates to “wardrobe” or “cloakroom” in english. It is often used to refer to a room in a house or building where people can store their clothes or personal belongings. It can also be used to refer to a collection of clothing or accessories, such as a collection of vintage clothing or a collection of designer handbags. In online context it also refers to websites or platforms where individuals or businesses can buy or sell secondhand or luxury clothing and accessories.

Save at Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire collective is an online marketplace for buying and selling luxury and designer fashion items, such as clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.
There are a few ways to save money when shopping on vestiaire collective:

  • Sign up for the newsletter to receive exclusive offers and discounts.
  • Check for sales and promotions on the website, as these can offer discounts on certain items or brands.
  • Browse the site for items that are being sold at a reduced price, such as those that are listed as “reduced price” or “sale.”
  • Use a discount code or voucher when you make a purchase.
  • Try to look out for the product during the non-peak time such as end of season
  • You can use my referral link to get a discount on first purchase

Introduction to Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire collective is an online marketplace for buying and selling luxury and designer fashion items. It was founded in 2009, and is based in paris, france. The platform provides a way for individuals to buy and sell pre-owned designer clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories at a reduced cost, compared to buying items new.

The platform operates by authenticating the items, which are then sold through the website at competitive prices. It has a global community of over 10 million members, and features a wide selection of designer items from both current and past seasons.

Vestiaire collective allows you to shop for designer and luxury fashion items, such as clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories, from some of the most sought-after brands in the world, including chanel, gucci, hermes, louis vuitton, and many more. It provides a trusted and secure platform for buying and selling secondhand designer fashion items, ensuring that the items are authentic and in good condition.

In summary, vestiaire collective is an e-commerce platform, acting as a marketplace for buying and selling luxury pre-owned fashion items, where you can find authentic and high-quality items at a more affordable price.

How it works

  • Selling items: individuals who want to sell items on vestiaire collective first need to create an account and then they can list the item they wish to sell on the platform. They need to provide details about the item, including brand, size, condition, and photographs.
  • Item authentication: once an item is listed, it is reviewed by vestiaire collective’s team of experts to ensure that it is authentic and in good condition. If the item is found to be authentic and in good condition, it is then approved and made available for sale on the website.
  • Buying items: customers can browse the website to find items that they are interested in. They can also search for specific items by brand, size, or category. Once a customer has found an item that they want to buy, they can add it to their cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Payment: after the customer confirms the purchase, the seller is paid. Vestiaire collective holds the payment for 14 days, until the customer has received the item and confirms the authenticity and the quality.
  • Shipping: the seller is responsible for shipping the item to the buyer. After the customer receives the item, they have the opportunity to confirm the item is as described or to report any issue.
  • Customer service: vestiaire collective provides a customer service team that is available to assist with any issues that may arise during the buying or selling process.

By providing a secure platform for buying and selling pre-owned designer fashion items and taking care of the authentication process, vestiaire collective allows users to shop for luxury fashion items at a lower cost than buying them new.

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