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Creating A Free Website Page by WordPress

For anyone who has decided that you would like your own domain name and wish to use WordPress for your website, I’ve set out in this blog some do it- yourself information about how to install WordPress from the cPanel of your hosting account.

When you have chosen and paid for your domain name, it’s time to arrange the hosting for your website.
Your hosting company will generally send mail to Verify user accounts with them and information about your Name waiters and how to log in to your account. When you get this information, you’ll be suitable to install your WordPress point. Then is what to do

Open up your cPanel using the log-in information you entered in the dispatch from your hosting company.
Once outside, scroll down until you detect the’ Software/ Services section and see the Fantastic icon. Click on that.

Scroll down further until you get to the list named’ Blogs’
Choose” WordPress” from the list

On the coming runner elect’ New Installation’
A new runner will open on which you’ll fill in the information needed-

Install on sphere’ enter in the sphere, add- on, or sub-domain that you have named before.
‘ Install in directory’- leave this blank

Username’- use a pen name, or commodity differently, not’ Admin’, as this will help in securing your point against the possibility of hackers.
‘ point name’- if you wish to tone- brand, use your own name, or a pen name, but if you ask to vend lots of different product brands from colorful spots, also use your main keyword expression for this particular product. A keyword/ keyword expression is a word or a expression that people type into their cybersurfer hunt window when they’re looking for commodity,e.g.’ stylish teeth whitener’, etc. As soon as the person hits the enter key, the hunt machines bring up websites that have that keyword/ keyword expression listed on them nearly because those spots are likely to have the information the person is looking for.

still, you should have a well- search for a keyword or keyword expression as your sphere or point name, and particularly one which does not have important competition from other spots, If your point is dealing products. That way you have a much better chance of your point name coming up on the hunt’s screen.
Fill in the rest of the details as needed and click on Install WordPress’

Click on Finish Installation’
When the coming screen comes up, elect to have details of your point posted to you( you noway know!) and save for unborn reference.

Congratulations! You have just installed WordPress.
Now for details on how to configure your new point so that it’s stoner-friendly for both you and your callers, and SEO optimized, go to my blog, Voiceover

For further help with sphere names, domain, add- on and sub-domains, hosting, and sphere name waiters, you’ll find this information on my blog, also.

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