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Best Helly Hansen Ski Jacket Options in 2022

Every skier or ski enthusiast will likely know the helly hansen brand. Helly hanson is a norway-based company that has been making winter apparel for the past 140 years. The company has come a long way from the oil skin linen jackets they used to make in the 18th century to the smart, lightweight ski jackets they sell today.

In this guide, we’ll dive into detail on 6 of the best helly hansen ski jackets on the market, including factors to look for in a ski jacket, then give you a comprehensive review of each.

Below is a quick comparison of the 6 best helly hansen ski jackets:

Your jackets, sleeping bags, and hiking shoes all have either thinsulate or primaloft insulation. Check out our comparison of primaloft vs thinsulate to help you decide which insulation material is best suited to your needs.

Things to consider when buying a helly hansen ski jacket


Insulation translates to the amount of body heat restored to maintain the body temperature. For that, you need thicker jackets in extreme winter conditions. Helly Hansen jackets are usually thick and rugged to keep your body warm.

One good thing about the Helly Hansen jackets is the versatility that they have to offer. They have all types of ski jackets, from lightweight and breathable to large jackets that protect you from extreme weather conditions.


Ventilation in a ski jacket is necessary to let excess heat out of your body. Some skiers tend to warm up real quick when going up and down on a ski course. Therefore, ventilation is equally as important as insulation as it helps regulate the body temperature and helps in off-gassing.

Most, if not all, helly hansen ski jackets are well-ventilated and come with zippered ventilation options built into the style and design of the garment. Good ventilation is necessary for skiers who sweat a lot during skiing, but it might not be as important for you if you are a cool skie

Design and style

Most ski jackets are durable, and helly hansen ski jackets are no exception. They are some of the most durable jackets you can buy that can withstand harsh weather conditions. I have a helly hansen ski jacket that i bought way back in 2012, and it has very little wear and tear.

One of the things that helly hansen excels in is that the jackets are durable and stylish. They make sure to keep their collection up to date to meet the new design trends. It is one of those brands which keeps you warm and dry while giving you some great style options.


Ski jackets are used in rugged weather. If you have a jacket with inferior quality materials, the wear and tear will be noticeable after a few skiing sessions. In other words, you’ll have to shell out money to buy a new jacket.

Helly hansen is known for its quality materials. Though their jackets are more expensive than other brands on the market, you get premium quality materials that last a long time. They use the best wool, linen, and leather in their garments that provide both insulation and ventilation properties.


Today, you can buy a helly hansen ski jacket at a reasonable price as years of being in the game have allowed them to scale. That said, helly hansen jackets, on average, are more expensive than jackets from other brands.

However, not many ski jackets out there can match function and durability with style quite like helly hansen. These jackets come under the premium category and are for skiers who need a stylish, durable, and long-term investment.

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6 best helly hansen jackets for skiing

Helly hansen alpha 3.0 jacket – best all-round ski jacket for men

The helly hansen alpha 3.0 jacket is one of the best versatile jackets by the brand. This jacket can almost handle any rough winter condition. It is comfortable, durable, and comes in many different colors and sizes. It also has additional features which skiers will love, including a safe pocket to store your phone and other items.

This warm jacket has built-in 2-ply construction and 4-way full stretch fabric, making it easy for the skier to maneuver in hilly areas. It is made of suitable materials and is waterproof, breathable, and windproof.

The alpha jacket has an h2 flow system that improves ventilation for hot skiers to give them optimal comfort and regulate their body temperature.

One problem many skiers face with jackets are the arms and elbows, as they tend to be either tight and short or loose and long. The alpha jacket has a smart fit and i was able to move my arms around quite comfortably in it.

Another great thing about the jacket is there are plenty of pockets. It has a life pocket with insulation, 2 hand warming pockets, and a pocket for goggles.

The jacket has many features to consider, but it does come with a hefty price tag. If you have a reasonable budget, you should consider the alpha as the best overall ski jacket.


  • Well built and stylish design
  • Articulated arms and elbows for a better fit
  • Premium insulation
  • Many color options
  • Safety pocket with insulation


  • Expensive

Helly hansen fernie 2.0 – best jacket for freeride skiers

The helly hansen fernie 2.0 is a popular ski jacket amongst freeride skiers. It is lightweight and built with textured fabric to give it both style and usability. Though not the best in class, the jacket has good insulation and comes with a rescue system built for emergencies.

The fernie ski jacket has a 2-ply fabric construction and is made of weatherproof fabric, making it durable against harsh winter conditions. It has a helmet-compatible hood that can easily be adjusted to your fit.

The seams of the jacket are fully sealed to make it windproof and waterproof. It also has water-repellent technology that keeps the snow and moisture away from the surface of the jacket.

The fernie jacket has great ventilation thanks to the h2 flow system. It also features a pro wool base layer for cold conditions. Combined with the mid-layer that features life stay-dry technology, the fernie keeps moisture away efficiently and gives extra warmth.

It is specifically designed for extreme winter conditions and is a must-buy for people looking for performance and comfort.

The insulated jacket has dual-entry hand warmers to keep the hands warm. It also has top entry hand pockets for storing items such as phones and more. The chest pocket allows you to keep your goggles and internal pockets add safety while skiing.

It has a sturdy cuff construction with lycra wrist gaiters for better fit and to avoid any wind entering the jacket.

Another noteworthy feature that comes with the jacket is the recco advanced rescue system which is perfect for skiers who wander in hilly areas. It notifies the company in case of an emergency.


  • It is great for freeride skiers
  • Comfortable and durable in extreme climates
  • Features the recco rescue system
  • Goggle sham
  • Lightweight


  • Not the best insulation
  • Uncomfortable on the waist at times

Helly hansen swift jacket – the most comfortable lightweight ski jacket

The helly hansen swift jacket is one of the best lightweight ski jackets you can buy today. This jacket is comfortable and reliable while being lightweight. This is an ideal jacket for moderate winter conditions as the insulation is not the best-in-class, but that’s to be expected with a lightweight jacket.

The swift jacket also has 2-ply construction with 4-way stretch fabric. It is built with a helly tech fabric, which makes it windproof, waterproof, and breathable. It also has water-repellent technology built with the fabric to repel water and snow.

The jacket has articulated sleeves and elbows for mobility. Its extra features include a detachable skirt for making it lighter and an adjustable hood. The helmet-compatible hood makes it easy for you to keep warm and safe while skiing.

The swift jacket also has plenty of pockets to carry your stuff around. It features 2 hand warming pockets, 2 pockets on the chest, a ski pass pocket, and a life-saving dedicated pocket enclosed in the jacket to mobile phones and other items. It also features wrist gaiters with thumbholes for extra grip while skiing.

Helly hansen sundance – best all-round ski jacket for women

One of the most versatile jackets for women is the helly hansen sundance. It’s a great overall sports jacket with a casual style. It is a fully waterproof jacket that is also incredibly breathable. It is also lightweight and has a classy design. It comes in many colors ranging from black to silk blue to white.

The sundance jacket is built with helly tech performance fabric with a 2-ply construction. It is 100% polyester which makes it water-repellent. The seams are well-protected and completely water-resistant and windproof.

The insulation used in the jacket is primaloft which is suitable for cold weather. It also comes with adjustable cuffs. The adjustable cuffs can regulate the amount of ventilation needed in the jacket and can be altered according to your needs.

The collar is high and the hoodie is fixed, which can be beneficial for comfort along the neck. They also can be adjusted as per your needs.

The hand-warming dedicated pockets are zipped in this jacket, making it easier to store items that need to be protected from water such as mobile phones, earbuds, etc. There is also a safety pocket inside the jacket.

The sundance jacket also comes with a chin guard as an added safety feature. The hem of the jacket is adjustable and it also has a waterproof zipper.


  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Adjustable collar and cuffs for manual ventilation
  • External pockets with zipper


  • Not for extreme weathers
  • Sizes are often misleading

Helly hansen spirit – the most stylish and functional ski jacket

Another entry for women is the helly hansen spirit jacket. It is also a lightweight jacket that effortlessly combines comfort with style. The jacket is waterproof and has great insulation despite its non-bulky build.

The spirit jacket is also built with helly tech performance fabric. It features a 2-ply build with the fabric, making it waterproof, windproof, and durable. The seams of the jacket are sealed for better performance. It is made from 100% polyester on the outside, making it water repellent.

The helly hansen spirit is highly breathable with ventilation under the armpit, neck, and waist to keep your hot areas ventilated and dry. It is tested to keep you dry and ventilated even in extreme situations.

It has 2 zipper pockets on the side, one pocket on the sleeve, and one more pocket inside the jacket. The jacket’s cuffs are adjustable and have articulated sleeves, which makes it a better fit even for people with small heights.

The collar is hooded and adjustable. The jacket comes with a chin guard for added safety. Another great thing about the jacket is that it has wrist gaiters to make it more sturdy and avoid incoming air entering for better temperature regulation.

The spirit jacket comes in many colors to choose from. It can be worn on occasions too. The only downside of this jacket is that it is not suited for extremely cold weather.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable cuffs and collar
  • Ventilation in all hot areas

Helly hansen blazing – your true mountain companion

Last we have the helly hansen blazing jacket that is a favorite amongst downhill skiers. This jacket is made of 100% polyester. It is waterproof and water repellent like the other entries in this list, but what makes it a mountain champion is that it’s not just lightweight but also well-insulated.

The helly hansen blazing is made up of helly tech performance fabric and features a 2-ply stitch. The jacket is durable and windproof thanks to the material and stitching quality.

The jacket has a 2-way stretch which makes your movement easier and comfortable.

The blazing jacket has an elastic wrist gaiter made of polyester. The wrist gaiters come with thumbholes which completely cuts off any wind entering the jacket. It also has a fixed hood and high collar for extra protection from strong winds.

The helly hansen blazing is a very breathable jacket. The insulation is top-notch thanks to the primaloft insulation that maintains warmth within the jacket without adding any extra weight.

There are ventilation areas on the front, on top of the chest pockets. It has 2 more external pockets on both sides that act as hand warmers and a zipper pocket on the chest, which can be used to store keys and other items.

The blazing jacket also has a pocket for storing precious items which require more safety. The best feature is that it also has an earphone duct which is a pleasant surprise.

One downside of the jacket is that it is a little too tight on the waist. That could be a bit of a problem when you’re skiing in tricky spots.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent insulation
  • Award-winning ventilation


  • A little tight on the waist

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Frequently asked questions

Question: can a helly hansen ski jacket be used for hiking?

Answer: helly hansen jackets are durable and designed to withstand extreme conditions. They are waterproof and weatherproof, making them perfect for hiking trips when the temperature dips. However, i would recommend going for a jacket that is lightweight for your hiking trip so that you carry as little weight as possible.

Question: can women wear men’s ski jackets?

Answer: yes, women can wear men’s jackets. The men’s ski jackets usually feature a broader shoulder and a thicker waist. If that is not a problem, you can wear one.

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