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Nisolo Shoe Review 2022

I’ve been a fan of nisolo shoes for a few years now and i’ve had my eyes on their mariella mules since i first saw them on dearly bethany’s channel. Nisolo is a popular brand amongst the sustainable fashion crowd as they are a sustainable and ethical shoe brand that is based here in the us (in tennessee, in fact!) i only decided to hit “purchase” on them fairly recently when they brought down the price of these babies permanently. Now that i’ve had them for a few months, i’d like to share my thoughts on the famous nisolo mariella mules:

Are they comfortable? Do they stay on your feet?

The first thing i always want to know when buying a pair of shoes are whether or not they’re comfy, how long the break-in period is, and in the case of mules, if they really stay on your feet when you’re out and about

In this case, the answer is a resounding yes to all but the middle question. These mules are by far the comfiest pairs of shoes i own and best of all, i basically spent no time breaking them in because they were ready to be worn around town right off the bat! I’ve worn these to work, i’ve worn them to run errands around town (before the pandemic, of course), and i brought them with me to michigan. So far, no blisters, and no slipping! I’ve had mules that would slip off my feet and i’d accidentally step down on the edge of the shoe with the middle of my foot and it’d hurt so slippery shoes are a big concern of mine. I am happy to report that i’ve never had that problem at all with the mariella mules!


These mules retail for $150. I think the price of these is what made me hesitate on buying them for a year but honestly, i don’t think i’ll ever buy another pair of mules ever again as long as they keep making the mariellas. The price is on the higher side because not only are the shoes well designed and extremely well made, the brand is an ethical one, keeping the wages of their workers fair and working conditions safe. If that’s the price i pay to go to sleep at night knowing that my money helped a company that takes care of their workers afloat, i’m okay with it. Plus these shoes will last you a long time so you’ll get more wears out of it which is more valuable, in my opinion, than buying cheap shoes you can only wear a few times.


I got the mules in “sand,” which is made of nubuck leather. Nubuck is a kind of leather made out of the outer layer of the calfskin and then sanded down from the outside of the skin. While traditional leather gives you that hard clean look, nubuck leather has imperfections on the onset but it’s softer, and more closer to a suede material. It’s very flexible so it doesn’t chafe your feet. Plus, the color is so pretty and versatile.


Admittedly, i’ve been extra careful about wearing these shoes out. I never wear these when there’s even a hint of rain or dampness outside. These are strictly street shoes, not “run around with the dog in the grass” shoes. That said, i have seen that nisolo sells something called jak magic spray, an eco-friendly product that protects your shoes and leather goods from liquid or oil damage. I have something similar myself so i just used that but as long as you’re not too rough on them, the mariella mules are pretty durable.


I’m wearing my usual size 6. Nisolo does recommend going up a half size but my feet are very narrow and small so i took a chance with my regular size and they fit perfectly. If you have feet that are on the slightly wider side, i’d go up half a size. If you have baby feet like me, try your regular size.


Absolutely, 100%! I love the brand and its mission. I love the shoes and their versatility, their structure, and their build. I love love love these and i recommend them to anyone who wants a cute pair of mules with just a bit of height but are still super comfy to walk in.

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