Why Should You Buy a Watch at Urban Icon?

Why Should You Buy a Watch at Urban Icon? It’s natural for someone to have high expectations when shopping for accessories at well-known online stores. Service guarantees and product originality are certainly a consideration.

However, it is not uncommon for people to be disappointed because what they get is not what they expected. Product quality does not match what is being promoted or delays in delivery are cases that are often experienced by consumers.

Then what privileges do consumers get when they buy a watch at Urban Icon?

Learning from consumer complaints related to the unsatisfactory service of a number of online shops, Urban Icon tries to maximize service. Of course the orientation is on the originality of the products offered.

A variety of accessory products such as Fossil, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Dogfight, Marc Jacobs, Michale Kors, and Rip Curl watches are guaranteed to be authentic. Of course, there are many more original accessory products from various brands such as Liebeskind, Fjall Raven, PKG, and others that are available at Urban Icon.

Inside Outside Warranty

As in the 2019 Urban Icon Sale, every watch product purchased at Urban Icon gets a 1 year to 5 year warranty. Depends on the brand. From the length of the warranty period, of course, it is a guarantee of the originality of the product. That’s the reason why you should buy a watch at Urban Icon.

When it comes to buying watches, there is a 1 year battery warranty. Meanwhile, the parts that are not covered by the warranty are: battery, strap, bracelet, case, and glass. Of course the warranty will be forfeited if the damage occurs due to consumer negligence, for example an accident or improper use. This exception is certainly also applied by any product brand.

Not only watches but all types of goods purchased (regular prices) at the online-store Urban Icon are equipped with ” Inside Outside Warranty “. So the warranty is not only on internal parts but also applies to external components. For example, external guarantees for bag products such as straps, zippers and others. The warranty is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Under Time International Company

Currently Urban Icon is under the company label Time International which has a commitment to build high fashion , horogical culture , and lifestyle . This commitment is implemented in the construction of an Urban Icon service center in Jakarta, namely Time Care and Watch Care complete with state-of-the-art technology with after-sales care services.

Another breakthrough, Time International has also built offline stores in all major cities in Indonesia, spread from all provinces in Java and Bali. Of course this makes it easier for consumers in terms of purchasing products. For example, consumers buy goods online so they can pick them up at the nearest Urban Icon offline store branch. Faster and more practical.

It’s easier to find products via the website

The Urban Icon website is easily accessible and compatible with all smartphone brands from both Android and iOS platforms. Consumers find it easier to search for watches, bags, wallets, or other accessories by simply entering the keyword in the name of the product in question.

Every watch product or other type of product is equipped with clear images, detailed descriptions, how to purchase, payment methods, and an explanation of installments. Of course, online purchases already support payments via bank transfer, Mandiri Clickpay, or credit card. Another convenience, consumers can also pay installments via Mandiri and BNI banks.

Care Instructions

Every watch product and all accessory products sold at Urban Icon are accompanied by care instructions. This is a form of Urban Icon’s concern for consumers, considering that each product and brand has a different function, as well as its maintenance.

Reading articles on the Urban icon website for consumers is easier to get other information, such as shopping and culinary info in the nearest city. So in this case consumers not only get information about the products being sold but also other useful information. Consumers can also continue to follow the development of the Urban Icon online store through the @urbaniconstore Instagram account.

Well, up to this point, it’s clear, right, why should you buy a watch at Urban Icon? So don’t wait long, buy a watch at Urban icon for an urban and stylish look by visiting or the nearest online store Urban Icon.

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