Branded Women’s Bags at Urban Icon That Are Worth It To Buy

You can find a variety of branded women’s bags at Urban Icon. Urban Icon is well-known as a multi-brand curator for some of the best fashion brands in the world such as Fossil, Liebeskind Berlin, and many other well-known brands.

Urban Icon which was founded in 2009 by Time International Group is indeed committed to providing the best service for customers by presenting high quality bag products.

In addition, customers will get an official guarantee so that they will feel safe and comfortable when buying branded bag products at Urban Icon. For this reason, many women are looking for a variety of branded women’s bags at Urban Icon.



Fossil is one of the branded women’s bags at Urban Icon. As one of the world’s leading bag manufacturers, Fossil always offers quality bag products. Fossil not only prioritizes the style and model of the bag, but also always prioritizes comfort for the wearer. Here are some examples of Fossil bags that you can buy at Urban Icon:

  • Fossil Camellia Convertible Backpack Black

The Fossil Camelia Convertible Backpack Black is a women’s bag that can be used in all kinds of activities. This bag is also equipped with brass hardware so that it can be changed from a backpack to a shoulder bag easily.

For those of you who often carry a laptop or tablet as a tool to support daily activities, this Fossil bag can be the main choice. Yes, the Fossil Camellia Convertible Backpack is a bag that can be used to fit a 13-inch laptop. In addition, you can also use the two side pockets as a place to put some other items.

This Fossil bag is made of high quality leather so it will last a long time and remain attractive to use all the time if you take good care of it. For the inside, the material used is polyester so that the bag will feel light and strong when used.

The Fossil Convertible Backpack Black bag is priced at IDR 3,400,000. The price is commensurate with the quality that is guaranteed.

  • Fossil Amelia Backpack Henna

This Fossil bag is made of high quality leather so it looks very elegant. This bag with a length of 29 cm is also equipped with a hidden zip pocket on the inside and closed by a turn lock so that this bag has double security.

This bag has a strap that can be adjusted according to your needs. For this reason, you can freely change this bag from a backpack to a sling bag so that it can be used in various activities.

This bag can be said to be one of the best Fossil bags, so it’s only natural that Amelia’s bag is priced at IDR 4,515,000.

Liebeskind Berlin


Liebeskind Berlin is also a branded women’s bag at Urban Icon. The famous German bag manufacturer offers a variety of bags with stunning colors and designs and is also timeless . Here are Liebeskind Berlin bags that you can collect:

  • Liebeskind Berlin Crasp Crossbody Tiger Beige

This bag gives a sporty and elegant impression to the wearer. The sporty look can be seen from the wide straps, while the elegant impression is obtained from the shape of a mini-sized bag such as a clutch with a handle made of eye-catching woven.

This beautiful bag made of leather has a length of 24cm, a width of 6.5 cm, and a height of 17 cm. To get this sporty yet elegant design bag, you have to pay Rp 3,785,000.

  • Liebeskind Kaethe C7 Dark Blue

This bag is a quality Liebeskind bag because it is made of smooth leather. The Liebeskind Kaethe C7 Dark Blue bag also has a spacious compartment so you can safely store all your important items in it. You can also use the zippered pocket in the bag to store your additional accessories.

This beautiful bag, which is predicted to become a favoriteshopping bag for women, is priced at IDR 3,065,000.

Those are some of the branded women’s bags at Urban Icon. Hopefully this information can be a reference before buying a favorite bag according to your needs and tastes.

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