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Truth Tiki Scam? Is it safe to buy on Tiki?

Like Lazada, Shopee or foreign brands like Alibaba, Amazon…, tiki is also one of the e-commerce businesses familiar to Vietnamese consumers. If you are a person who does not understand well about e-commerce, does not understand well about tiki, I recommend you to read this article Is Tiki scam as true as many people think? Why is Tiki selling so cheap? Why don’t they have any representative stores? They are hidden on the internet, appearing “representatives” are just delivery guys, and we quickly say that Tiki is not trustworthy, which is wrong. This article is not intended to glorify or disparage Tiki, but will be a more objective view of this brand as well as e-commerce in Vietnam. Also you can read comments below, reviews of other users. (Comments are public and objective)


1. Information about Tiki Vietnam

Tiki has been granted a business registration certificate since the beginning of 2010, it has been 6 years so far, far more than any other e-commerce brand in Vietnam. However, I personally don’t know much about when they officially joined this field, only heard that before they only focused on selling books – online bookstores – later. business in 10 different service lines.

If you say that Tiki does not have a store, you are correct, but they also have a representative office at  70 Lu Gia, Ward 15, District 11, TP. In Ho Chi Minh City, there is also an address providing order processing – or otherwise known as a warehouse – at Tan Binh Industrial Park, Tan Phu District.

Again, Tiki does not have a representative store. (in the future is still unknown). Because they are an e-commerce brand, all transactions and marketing and product promotion take place on the internet at Tiki.vn website. You want them to open a store, they want to, but is it necessary when the cost of opening these stores is not small, this will increase the price of the product, and you certainly Not satisfied with this, Tiki’s price will not be considered competitive with other showroom-based brands.

2. Where does Tiki get goods to sell to us?

Tiki does not have or because I do not see any certification that they import genuine products. But as a big brand, with the same warehouse in Binh Duong, the head office in District 1, Tiki is the distributor and responsible for contacting the warranty, it seems that Tiki is like other brands. other e-commerce – import genuine goods and redistribute them to consumers, or act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers who cooperate to open a store on Tiki.

Tiki distributes directly to users:

It is very easy to see this, currently there are not many stalls opened by other businesses on Tiki, so just a quick reference can see this already. The products distributed by Tiki are always clearly marked with the place of manufacture, but I can’t really find the words that say they are committed to distributing genuine products.

Hopefully it’s because I don’t see it, or the fact that there are some fake products that are also sold here at the same price as the fake ones.


Other businesses link and open booths on Tiki:

I have researched a lot about Tiki, and found that there are many brands registered to open sales at this website, in many different products, mainly electronics. They have a clear policy of linking with external brands, you can see there are a few businesses in the picture such as Western Telecommunications (a company with a charter capital of up to 37 billion dong), Hai Canh .. .


3. Tiki often drops prices, but when the price is reduced, the price is only equal to the market? Is it a scam?

If you, the owner of a store, when you have a discount, do you want a big discount? Every customer wants to get a big discount, but too much discount is not profitable. I have not learned much about products that are eligible for discounts or Tiki vouchers that are equal to the market, but there is definitely a reason for quality.

As usual, you will easily encounter a situation where the sales addresses raise the original price and say a sharp decrease, but in fact the reduction is only a little, Tiki or Lazada or any e-commerce website is the same, this was exposed in a few articles on Black Friday last December.

However, in my opinion, Tiki is still one of the lowest prices, everyone, there are many promotions that are still terrible, cheap prices and many promotions, maybe this is the reason why Many people wonder about the quality. But if it’s a bit more, I don’t know, but the price is much more, it must be due to the difference between product quality.

4. Payment, delivery, warranty, order cancellation or exchange at  Tiki ?

Payment on purchase

There are two methods applied by Tiki like many other e-commerce brands: online payment or payment on delivery. It also depends on each product delivered and your requirements, you have the right to ask the delivery staff to wait for you to check the item before they leave, so you can have some peace of mind.


Personally, I find Tiki delivery quite fast, a lot of products are committed to delivery in the inner city like in Ho Chi Minh City, within 24 hours, they can arrive already, at worst, the next day, and other items. For normal goods, it takes about 2-3 days excluding Saturday and Sunday, it seems that this is the fastest delivery brand, I ordered it from another big brand   it took 4 days to get it!


Honestly, I’ve personally bought a few products but have never had a warranty, so I don’t know specifically. But according to Tiki’s warranty commitment, every warranty item has a warranty address, sometimes Tiki is also a different sales address (when they register to sell on Tiki). .

The warranty period at Tiki is the same as outside, for example, the Canon EOS 1200D 18MP + 18-55 IS II camera also has the same 24-month warranty as the outside.

Cancel order

As long as you have not confirmed that you have received the goods, the money you have not sent, you absolutely have the right to cancel the order for many different reasons, it may be due to late delivery, or simply because you do not like.

Return goods


This is mainly in theory, I don’t have to exchange or return goods, so I don’t know. Specifically, as far as I know, they accept returns and exchanges as well, most of them are accepted to return for a refund or replace with another product for the reason that the product is defective, or you don’t like it, and There is of course a fee. However, many people complain about this when the return procedure is not very good, even many of you are afraid of the word “return” when it brings too much trouble. Personally, I don’t like this happening at all, it’s a bit of a waste to buy and then it’s a waste of time to return and exchange goods, tired!

5. Installment with how much interest?

I have never paid in installments for this, so I don’t know, anyone who knows comment so I can fix it

6. Why do so many people say Tiki scams them?

I have a friend, she is one of the people who say Tiki is a scam!!!???!!! Actually, everything has a reason, and the reason is quite “banana”. She bought books on Tiki, I don’t remember exactly what book is about success, when I see the feedback of those who have bought it, there are many words. praised, got a pretty high star vote, but it wasn’t until she bought the book that she felt inhibited. The book is boring and not as advertised, and so 1 star is voted with some rude feedback posted with the purpose of warning many other people not to buy the book anymore.

The problem is, she thinks Tiki has scammed by “generating” fake feedback to deceive buyers?! Obviously a bit of a mistake, people. As we learned earlier, it is clear that in addition to selling their own products and distributing, Tiki also allows many businesses to set up booths, and also has many book suppliers for Tiki.

Therefore, it is impossible to confirm that those comments are due to Tiki, because many suppliers use this trick to lure customers, but in the introduction of Tiki’s book, there is no wrong information mentioned. What do you think about the book? My friend’s example is one of many cases that cause customers to lose trust in Tiki, the reasons are hard to control.

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After reading this short post of mine, it’s up to you whether to buy at Tiki or not. Tiki does not pay me to write this article, but as a customer who has used Tiki’s services even a few times, I also want to contribute some knowledge to build an information store for the whole family. Let’s become the smartest customers together.

If you have something unsatisfied and want to let the community know, you can feel free to comment and comment below and share it with your community.

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