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The Affordable Course Builder With Podia

If you’re simply creating your digital product business, that is a platform like Podia, to help your product, market & promote

This Podia review offers an surprising opinion on this platform designed that will help you create & promote online courses & other digital offerings. Google seek tells approximately search outcomes this software program is necessary to help your buy decision

What Is Podia?

Podia is a software program that permits creating customers to promote, & host their online products such as courses, webinars, and downloads. You can likewise make use of Podia to make an enrollment stage, and as a dedication device thru its nearby location capability. Its convenience, truthful estimating, and flexibility make it an affordable device for any spending plan and ability level.

Pros and Cons of Podia


  • Ease of Use: Podia is easily to navigate and understandable . You can create new course and  publish online within minutes.
  • Everything under one roof: Not only does Podia have webinar, coaching or  online course creation tools, it also has email marketing, messaging, website creation, and course delivery tools such as
  • Video hosting: Podia users do not have to  learn deep  knowledge.  their don’t paid  for third-party video hosting.
  • It supports upsells &  discounts, which you can help offer in your funnels
  • Its embedded and pop-up checkouts are simple and they keep customers on your webpage

Is Podia Worth It? Who Is It Suited For?

Given the masters referenced above, Podia deserves its sticky label price, but furnished which you are a solopreneur, a touch or mild sized commercial enterprise, or anybody, fact be told, who’s profound into automatic objects and downloads. In any case, in case you want to provide web-primarily based totally homerooms, then Podia isn’t suitable for you.

Indeed, you’ll reason an change price of 2.9% + 30¢ during the installment exchange process. In any case, as soon as enlisted, Podia won’t take a reduce of your deals, which I might agree is very truthful contrasted with different levels that take a few of your advantages on every deal.

I additionally locate Podia worth the attempt since you could make a large number of advertisers on your business via the apparatus’ partner selling capability. Likewise, Podia’s e-mail promoting functionality and its capacity to offer unfastened guides transforms this tool right into a lead age machine. You can rapidly and effectively assemble and develop you patron base utilizing those instruments.

My recommendation: If you really want a easy to-utilize online business programming in an effort to help you with making, host, and promote on-line substance, pursue Podia’s unfastened initial and also you in all likelihood can be headed to remodeling your ability and content creation energy into pay.
You can use Podia to create & sale  any courses that students can purchase & take at their own space.

You can also choose a deep knowledge course if you want more control over the student’s learning experience.

Building and Structuring A Course

That’s why Podia pricing gives you the flexibility to offer bundled products to subscribed members.

Course Flexibility and Different Pricing Options

Podia is online course platform. You can also offer coaching as part of a course, as a standalone, or as an upsell.

All of Podia’s products support the following Price:

  • Fixed price
  • Payment plan
  • Subscription (available for community memberships)

Price flexibility is a great way for a wider market to access your products without worrying about price limitations.

Digital Downloads

As a maker, it’s not unexpected to work with recordings, music, sound documents, and eBooks in various configurations. With the computerized downloads include, you can have every one of these different document types and either sell them (once installment or regularly scheduled installment) or use them as lead magnets to draw in likely clients.


Before I went over Podia, WebinarJam and GoTo Webinar were my default online class facilitating devices. However, from what I have seen on Podia up to this point, I think I’ll utilize this apparatus all the more frequently to make and host online courses.

With the capacity to add online course happily, set valuing, suggest upsells, control warnings, coordinate with autoresponders, control accessibility, and host live video meetings through YouTube Live, and Zoom, Podia genuinely shows what itself can do as an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the online course space. Your crowd can enroll, join in, and buy your online course all through your Podia webpage.


Your clients can partake in your items without selecting your enrollments. Be that as it may, to make a portion of your items select, you can confine them to your networks. When clients select a local area by paying a membership, they will gain admittance to every one of the courses accessible locally group.


Instructing is a new and profoundly successful element that permits you to hold your clients. This element is just accessible on the Shaker and Earthquaker plans.

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