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Today the talk is clothes. For those of you who like hering , stay here with me in the review and i’ll give you a lot of good tips! For those of you who still wonder if hering is reliable or if it’s worth buying, stay here with me too and i’ll clear up all your doubts!

Well, hering is a women’s and men’s clothing store, which has always stood out for its wide acceptance in all social classes and age groups. It is a very large and consolidated brand, and we can say that it is known by more than 90% of brazilians.

The clothes that are sold at hering deliver a whole brand concept that i think is incredible. I always see simpler clothes, but there is some element that delivers something more. A simple t-shirt, for example, depending on the color, becomes something fundamental in your look.

The women’s clothing there is a favorite for me and i’m one of those people who keeps an eye on the site all the time, filling my shopping cart, mainly because it’s a brand that always launches collections and of course, promotions too.

Also, this time’s promotion is a super sale of up to 70% + 10% on the purchase of the second piece. Anyway, it’s more to show that they are always surprising with news and discounts!

One thing i really like about hering are the jeans. I feel that they fit the body very well and manage to model more. And i even say that about wider pants like wide leg or mom jeans, for example.

It doesn’t look like the pants are too wide and don’t fit your body. Anyway, it’s not just any brand that can provide that, right?

Overview of Hering

Well, as i told you up there, hering is a clothing company. Surely you already know or at least have heard of it. Mainly for having a hering in almost all malls in brazil!

It is a well-known brand, but at the same time affordable, especially when we talk about price. Of course, there are clothes that are more expensive, but i believe that most clothes have a good price, you know?

Anyway, back to hering , they launch collections annually, which value the comfort and style of each one! In addition, nowadays, there are more than 400 franchised stores spread across all regions of the country, located mainly in shopping centers and malls.

I separated some pros and cons about hering for you. Take a look:


  • Free shipping on purchases from 80 reais
  • 10% cashback of value back
  • Promotions and news
  • Affordable prices
  • Interest-free installments up to 6 installments
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Fully secure website


What i can say against hering is that they have very basic pieces. In fact, this is not a con, it’s more to warn that there are many plain pieces, in one color and, although many people like it, not everyone likes it, of course

Hering: Review

If you like to dress well and feel comfortable in the same way, take a look at the hering website . Look at the new collections, promotions and i’m sure that at least one piece you’ll put in your cart. You may not even buy it, but the cart will be full for a while.

Take a look at the trending pieces i selected for you from hering !

Hering Women’s Short Printed Pajamas

These women’s hering pajamas are very beautiful! So beautiful that if i didn’t tell you, you certainly wouldn’t realize it was pajamas. The print is super modern! He has from size p to xxl. It is made with a fabric called viscose, super lightweight. It’s great for hot days, because it’s cool and has this very loose fit. It’s costing r$119.99 .

Hering Men’s Pajamas Short Looney Tunes Piu-Piu e Frajola

Some people don’t realize the importance of good pajamas, but this “detail” can make your night much hotter! Hering

Men ‘s pajamas have 88% of their composition made of cotton. For those who don’t know, the more cotton, the softer your piece will be. And for pajamas, the softer the better, don’t you think? Despite being thematic, the print is super minimalist and can be used by teenagers and adults! It is available in two colors: white and gray. These pajamas cost r$119.99.

Hering Men’s Sweatshirt With Hood

Hering ‘s sweatshirt is one of the seven wonders of the world! Serious! It is very soft and super comfortable. And this model of men ‘s hooded sweatshirt would be no different, it carries all the quality of the hering sweatshirt , and with a super cool touch due to its very vibrant orange color! This hering model coat costs r$159.99 and can be paid in up to 5 installments.

Hering Women’s Coat Without Buttons In Moletom

With a timeless design, this hering women’s coat is a super classic. We usually find this model made with another type of fabric, but at hering , let’s say that “they joined the best of both worlds”. They created a classic model together with a super comfortable and warm fabric like the sweatshirt. Best combination! This women’s sweatshirt was costing r$259.99 and unfortunately it is no longer available on the hering website .

Hering Men’s Skinny Soft Touch Jeans

These men’s hering jeans are pure style! It is produced in cotton fabric with elastane. Due to its skinny fit, it is more fitted in the legs and hips, has a waistband with belt loops, zipper and button closure, front pockets. Jeans with elastane, has a soft and comfortable touch, promoting a perfect fit. It costs r$169.99 and is available in four types of washes.

Hering Women’s Pants Tailoring 

these women’s tailoring pants by hering are a super basic, practical and necessary item for your wardrobe!

they are made of cotton twill fabric with elastane, and if you are looking for a comfortable piece that adapts to your body model, you can trust these hering pants .

tailored pants are among women’s favorites when it comes to a more elegant look.

this specific model features a waistband with belt loops, a zipper and button closure, and functional front and back pockets. i love this model! the coolest thing about it is that in addition to making it possible to create several looks, it is available in several colors! hering

Hering: What do customers like?

One of the best ways to get to know a brand is to know the opinion of those who have already used it. That’s why i separated some opinions that were dedicated to hering left on the ebit website. Just look:

I was satisfied with the products, beautiful and of good quality, arrived within the expected time. I recommend.” “the parts discount is great! Take the opportunity to buy some pieces for everyday life. It was so worth it! Even more so knowing the quality of the brand’s pieces.” “i enjoyed browsing the site, i loved the promotions and completing the order is very practical.” “product quality is excellent, great finishing, there is always news and a great payment option.”

“great price, with payment options, plus free shipping! Very good!”

“i loved shopping on the hering website and have already placed a new order. Just awesome!!!”

“product quality is excellent, great finishing, there is always news and a great payment option.”

“i’ve been buying from hering for years , i’m just starting to buy online, i just have to praise their products, they’re good and at an even better price.”

Hering: Claim Here

Hering ‘s score on reclame aqui is good. It is 7.9 out of 10.0, that is, we can consider it to be an 8.0, right?

It’s a good store, with a history of years, that respects the consumer and they themselves say that when evaluating the store on reclame aqui.

I separated some data that i saw there on the site and i want to share it with you here. Take a look:

Herring is good?

Hering is amazing ! The new collections are wonderful and it’s even difficult to choose just one piece. The desire is to fill the whole cart and put practically every sweatshirt or winter piece, honestly.

Apart from the basic blouses, but there’s nothing basic about them. Wow, i want to have one of each color in my closet, because in addition to being beautiful, they are pieces that last for a long time due to their impeccable quality.

Is Hering reliable?

Yes, hering is reliable . No need to be suspicious or anything like that. It’s an old and consolidated brand in the clothing market!

Hering discount coupon

The hering website always offers the brand’s best promotions. A tip is to leave your email registered on the hering website, so you can receive emails with promotions whenever you have something new. Or, if you prefer, just keep an eye on the website, there’s always a promotion or another there!

Where to buy Hering

Hering has numerous stores throughout brazil. To find out which one is closest to your home or work, you can go to the hering website and search for stores. This is super easy, right?

If you prefer to buy online, you can make your purchases through the hering website . There is also super easy to find the pieces and clothes. It depends on how you prefer to make the purchase!


Who created Hering?

Hering was founded in 1880 by german brothers bruno and hermann hering .

What forms of payment does Hering accept?

Hering accepts two forms of payment: credit card and bank slip.

If you opt for the credit card option, you can pay in up to 6 installments without interest, and the minimum installment is r$30.00 .

If your choice is the bank slip, when finalizing the order the system will generate a bank slip on your screen, you must pay this document at any bank or through internet banking.

What is Hering’s delivery policy?

The delivery of the products will be carried out upon approval of the order. Hering

Has the following delivery methods: express delivery − the deadline for receiving the order is 3 to 7 working days. Conventional delivery − delivery time varies from 6 to 28 business days.

The shipping cost can be checked at checkout.

As it delivers throughout brazil, the delivery time will vary according to your location and the chosen method.

At hering , you also have the option of picking up the products you purchased on the website, at one of its physical stores.

What is Hering’s return policy?

Hering ‘s return period is 60 days, starting from the date of purchase.

Return conditions change according to the reason. Therefore, depending on your reason, check the hering website in detail.

Only the first hering purchase has a free return.

How to contact Hering?

Through the hering website you will find some ways to contact them.

When accessing the website, a blue icon appears on the lower right side, there, you fill in some information and can be served virtually. The chat is open from monday to friday from 08:00 to 22:00 and on saturdays from 9:30 to 13:00.

It is also possible to contact the relationship center at 0800 747 114 from monday to friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

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