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Terravision Bus Reviews 2022 | Next Airport Transfer?

What is Terravision Bus?.

Terravision group has been delivering affordable transfer services across europe since 2002! In fact, this italian bus operator is one of the leading companies in europe’s tourist transport sector. It is founded by fabio petroni. Terravision bus transfers are available in cities like london, dublin, rome, milan, lisbon, amsterdam, malta, etc. Want to find out more about terravision bus services, tickets, and reviews? We have all the information you need; let’s dig in!

What Does Terravision Bus Offer?

Its aim is to provide tourists with a top-notch travel experience. Apart from city tours and group transport, terravision bus offers safe airport transfers to and from london heathrow, london gatwick, lisbon airport, barcelona airport, dublin airport, and more! It’s available in many european countries and allows airport passengers to reach the city safely and at a reasonable price. Purchase your bus ticket online and travel without hassle — keep reading to find out how!

How Does It Work?

You can buy tickets on the terravision website until few hours before the departure time. Select your departure and arrival point, date, and the number of passengers, and then click the “book now” button. The picture below shows you the terravision home page and how to fill out the booking form.

The next step includes choosing a departure. Terravision bus will provide you with a table of all the departures, including the departure/arrival time, as well as the ticket price. Find the one that suits your travel plan, and select it. This is what you’ll see:

If you have a promo code, use it to get a discount — terravision bus promo codes are a great way to reduce your expenses. Click “continue” to get to the checkout step. This step requires signing in (or registering/creating a terravision account). If you don’t have your account, create one by entering your name, email address, and phone number.

Then, follow the final steps of the confirmation process to finish your booking. Once the reservation has been made, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details. Be sure to download your ticket (and print it if needed).

Is it possible to purchase Terravision tickets on the spot?

Terravision bus tickets can be purchased at sales points at several airports and stations in the united kingdom and italy. If you’re going to london, rome, or milan, check out the locations of all sales points:

  • London victoria coach station;
  • Fiumicino airport (outside terminal 3);
  • Ciampino airport (outside the arrivals terminal);
  • Rome termini station (via giolitti 38);
  • Milan malpensa airport (t1 arrivals hall: exit 3 and t2 arrivals hall: stop 7);
  • Bergamo airport (outside arrivals hall).

Terravision Bus App

Even though a terravision app is available on the google play store, we don’t recommend using it. Unlike some other bus services like getbybus, terravision doesn’t offer an efficient phone app — it often crashes, fails to show correct departure times, doesn’t allow managing your booking, and so on. So, be sure to use the website, which is much more trustworthy.

How to Change or Cancel Terravision Bus Tickets?

Terravision group has a no-cancellation policy, so canceling a reservation isn’t an option. However, you can modify the date and time — click on “view orders” to see your tickets and review the ticket you want to modify. You have two options, to print or modify it, so choose the latter. Then, select the new date and time of your trip, and click the “save” button. Note that it’s possible to modify the date, but you cannot change the bus route. To change the route, you need to contact the customer support team at [email protected].

Terravision Customer Service

When you have an issue or question, the first thing you should do is check the faq page and see if you can find an answer. Alternatively, you can contact the terravision bus customer support team, and they offer two ways to do that. The first one is sending an email to [email protected], and the second option is sending a private message on their terravision transfers facebook page. The customer service team answers your questions and requests between 9:30 and 17:30 (9:30 am to 5:30 pm). You can also use the online helpdesk; sign in and use the “new request” system on the terravision website. Unfortunately, there’s no customer service phone number.

Bus Ticket Prices

The cost of the terravision bus ticket may vary depending on the service or the city/airport, but you can easily find out the approximate bus fares for all the popular routes. The terravision website offers that kind of information; see the most popular terravision airport transfers and the bus ticket prices in our list below.

Terravision Bus Reviews

To check if the company’s services are as good as they state, we decided to look into its reviews and read customer feedback. This is a great way to verify their claims, but we have to bear in mind the fact that the company has had millions of passengers, so bad reviews are inevitable. After going through a lot of comments, we found both favorable and poor reviews. Also, the rating varies from city to city.

For example, if we take a look at the terravision reviews for rome transfers, we’ll see that the opinions are mixed. Many passengers had an amazing experience, but some rated it as terrible. The situation in milan is better — the majority of reviews are good, and plenty of customers recommend terravision. On the other hand, the london rating isn’t as enthusiastic, and most reviews are bad. So, even many customers are satisfied with terravision bus services, there’s still a large number of travelers who had different experiences. One of the issues that occur most frequently is unpunctuality (not showing up).

Terravision Bus in a Nutshell – Pros & Cons

Overall, terravision group has some positives and negatives alike. To sum it all up, we created a list of pros and cons; it will help you look at the bigger picture before choosing your airport transfer provider.


  • Simple booking process;
  • No booking fees;
  • Comfortable buses;
  • Free extra luggage;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Promo codes and discounts;
  • Available in 17 countries.


  • No phone number;
  • Non-functioning app;
  • No-cancelation policy;
  • Unpunctuality/unreliability.

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