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OGIO Metro Backpack

The Ogio Metro Backpack is a high quality, functional and durable backpack. In this Ogio Metro Backpack Review I share why I think it’s the perfect backpack for the business traveler (and any serious traveler, for that matter).

Why use a backpack for business travel?

Before we dive into the Ogio Metro Backpack review let’s briefly discuss why I think a backpack is the right choice for today’s business traveler (versus, say, a traditional briefcase).

What is business travel?

For many years I carried a Samsonite Laptop Bag (like a rolling briefcase). While it had great storage capacity, it ultimately wasn’t very functional for the modern traveler. It was larger than it needed to be. And while it fit on the top of my carry-on suitcase, it was added more weight than was necessary, making things top heavy. And, have you ever tried rolling a bag through a downtown city street like NYC? Not ideal.

So, after spending a lot of time working in NYC I made the switch to a backpack. After a recommendation from a fellow colleague I landed on the Ogio Metro Backpack. I did have some personal experience with the Ogio family of backpacks having used on for a personal trip to Israel and Jordan where it did great. So, I jumped in.
It was one of the best travel gadgets/gear decisions I made. If you’ve been following us here at the CBoardingGroup you know we provide lots of travel tips. Most are specifically designed for the business traveler and many are around how to pack and the gear related to that problem.

In our article 147 Business Travel Tips (the largest list of business travel tips ever created) we highly recommend that business travelers switch to a backpack for their business travels. It’s the only way to go in our opinion.

Ogio Metro Backpack Review

In this review of the Ogio Metro Backpack we examine several key elements including: Key Features, My Findings, A Purchasing Recommendation and more.

Key Features – Ogio Backpack (Metro)

  • Size: 18″ x 9″ x 13.5″
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs (unpacked)
  • Supports 17″ Laptops (and there’s two spots to store them – one on the back panel and one inside the main compartment of the bag)
  • Adjustable sternum strap on the front
  • Large pocketed main compartment (easily fits 2 changes of clothes)
  • Material: 400 x 400 pindot nylon
  • External Power Cord Compartment (for a laptop power cord)
  • Front panel storage compartment with various pockets to store ID, Passport, pens, cards, etc.
    You can purchase it in Black, Grey and Blue colors:

My Findings

This has ultimately been a very good backpack (and I am now on my second one actually – the first lasted about 4 years).

It features, multiple pockets, including a laptop pocket (two actually – one on the inside and a zippered one on the “outside” that sits on your back).

I can fit a surprising amount of stuff in this thing! If I don’t bring workout gear (e.g. shoes) I can do about 4 days out of it (Some of that is probably due to my Marine Corps packing skills though :-)).

And it easily fits in the overhead compartment or under my seat (which I try to avoid!).

Speaking of the Marine Corps, one of the things that sold me on the Ogio Backpack was the sway strap in the front. While hiking for miles with an incredibly heavy backpack in the Marine Corps you learned the benefit of the sway strap in the front in terms of a stabilizer and load reducer.

However, the Ogio strap didn’t last very long and ultimately broke pretty quickly. That’s really the only negative thing I have to say about this backpack. All things considered, I highly recommend it!

What I like about the Ogio Metro Backpack:

  • Large storage compartment allows for a LOT of clothes
  • External laptop storage on the back (which allows for easy access)
  • Second laptop sleeve internal (which is helpful because I often travel with two laptops)
  • Durable zippers and nylon – little wear and tear over time
  • Sits well on my shoulders when huffing it through the airport
  • Easily rests of my Carry-on when not using my Sherpa-like back

What I don’t like about the Ogio Metro Backpack:

  • The sternum strap busted pretty quickly – but since I am not using it for hiking, it’s ok.
  • The front compartment can get a little messy at times (maybe it’s just me). I feel like an extra pocket would have been nice.

That’s it…not much to NOT like here. I really enjoy this well-made backpack

Should I buy the Ogio Metro Backpack?

It’s probably clear by now, but we are all-in on the Ogio Metro Backpack. Our recommendation is a solid: BUY

You can purchase the Ogio Metro Backpack here.

However, it may not be available for long as Ogio appears to have discontinued the product line (although you can still find many of them online). Move fast!

Final Thoughts on the Ogio Metro Backpack

We hope you liked this review of the Ogio Metro Backpack. In our mind, it’s a quality backpack worthy of use by serious travelers – and especially business travelers.

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