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Mediify Air Purifier Review-2022

Medify is a relatively “young” manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment, but it has succeeded significantly in this area. The company has already registered many patents and especially succeeded in the production of air purifiers. In just a couple of years, the brand has become global, and its equipment is sold in almost every country in the world.

A detailed review of Mediify air purifiers

If you focus on the reviews of the experts, as well as the manufacturers themselves, you can highlight the following medify air purifiers as the most popular to buy:

  • Medify MA-14;
  • Medify MA-15;
  • Medify MA-25;
  • Medify MA-40;
  • Medify MA-112.

The principle of action, as well as the technology used in these purifiers, are similar. And the key difference is only in the volume of the room where they can effectively clean the air.

Medify MA-14 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter and covering area of 18 sq.m.

The model is designed for domestic use. In 30 minutes, it cleans the air in a room up to 18 square meters. The maximum allowable effective area is up to 36 square meters. Has a combination of several filters, the expense of which detains the dust particles to only 0.1 microns in size.

Has a built-in power supply, which is designed for a voltage of 110 to 220 v, ie, can be powered from any electricity grid. The noise of the built-in fan does not exceed 55 db, and you can choose the speed of its rotation (3 modes in total). The filter is designed to clean the air in a 360-degree range, so it does not matter where exactly the purifier will be installed in the room – it will still cope well with its main function. The average life of the built-in filter cartridge is about 6 months. Of the additional features, there is night lighting, as well as an automatic air purification mode (the device will independently turn on and off).


The key advantages of this purifier:

  • Is compatible with both 110V and 220V power grids;
  • uses a modernized HEPA-filter that retains up to 99.9% of all particles in the air;
  • Minimal noise during operation.


Of the disadvantages, the buyers themselves note only the fact that the entered settings are reset if there was a power outage. After restoring the power supply, the purifier automatically switches to the basic mode of operation (“normal” fan speed).

Medify MA-15 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter and 30 sqm coverage area

Air purifier for rooms up to 30 square meters (maximum 60 square meters). It also has a modified hepa filter that traps particles from 0.1 microns. This means that the degree of air purification is about 99.9%! Earlier household cleaners could not “boast” of such characteristics. There are three cleaning levels. The pre-filter, made in the form of a cloth-like mesh, retains the coarse particles from the air. Hepa-filter removes microscopic allergens. The third layer neutralizes the various respiratory microorganisms that most often cause asthma attacks.

The noise level during operation does not exceed 53 db. At minimum fan speed (aka “night mode”) it does not exceed 35 db. There is also an unobtrusive backlight. All the control elements are placed at the top of the cabinet. There is also an indicator there, indicating the need to replace the filter cartridge. The allowable life of the filter is 3 – 5 months (up to 2500 hours of active work).


The main advantages of the medify ma-15 air purifier are:

  • Compact size (for its performance);
  • There is a light;
  • There is a night mode;
  • There is an indicator that will show when it is necessary to replace the filter;
  • Excellent quality of air purification (in particular from allergens);
  • Is sold in two color variations: black and white.


Of the disadvantages, buyers note that the medify ma-15 in the black color houses unnecessarily noticeable fingerprints because of the glossy surface. This does not affect the functionality in any way.

Medify MA-25 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter and 46 square meters of coverage

Air purifier for rooms up to 90 square meters. But the manufacturer indicates that the highest quality and effective cleaning is achieved when the area of the room does not exceed 46 square meters. It is an excellent option for living rooms, large bedrooms, schools, hotels, universities, and so on. This model uses hepa filter type cadr-230. And also the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the device (only relevant if original filter cartridges are used).

This cleaner removes from the air not only microscopic particles of dust, dirt but also unpleasant smells of smoke and other caustic substances. The level of noise emitted is from 35 to 51 db (depending on the selected fan speed). The power supply is from the electric network up to 220 v. The control keys are located on the top side (touch panel, without physical buttons). From the additional functions it should be noted:

  • “night” mode of operation;
  • blocking of the touch panel (“child protection”).

The admissible service life of one filtering set – is up to 2500 hours (about 3 – 6 months, depending on the intensity of use).


The main advantages of the cleaner Medify MA-25:

  • Very quiet operation;
  • Low power consumption (Energy Star rating);
  • comes in 3 color variations: white, gray, black;
  • control and adjustment are carried out through the touch panel;
  • it has child protection;
  • There is a backlight (which can be used as a nightlight).


Of the disadvantages, buyers note that the device works relatively noisy in those rooms where there is active smoking. And this is explained by the fact that due to the built-in sensor that detects smoke, automatically increases the speed of the fan. In fact, this is not a disadvantage, but the specifics of the device.

Medify MA-40 air purifier with H13 True HEPA filter and 78 square meters coverage area

The medify ma-40 air purifier is optimal for rooms and spaces up to 78 square meters. But the maximum allowable capacity is 150 square meters. The noise level emitted does not exceed 55 db. And the total weight of the device is only 3.9 kg, which makes it one of the lightest and most compact air purifiers with such capacity.

This model uses hepa type filter h13. The manufacturer claims it retains micro particles of dust and allergens as small as 0.1 microns (a regular hepa filter retains particles as small as 0.3 microns). It also neutralizes unpleasant odors and cleans the air from pet hair. Powered by a 220v socket, the maximum current consumption does not exceed 50 watts (energy star rating). Also, there is a backlight integrated into the housing, which allows you to use the device as a nightlight. Available in 3 colors: white, gray, and black. The air intake grille is located over the whole area of the case. And this means that it does not matter where the cleaner will be installed – it will still cope well with its main task.

Of the additional features there are:

  • button lock (touch panel, which is placed on the top edge of the cleaner);
  • “night” mode of operation.


Advantages of air purifier Medify MA-40:

  • practically does not make noise during operation;
  • Excellent neutralizes unpleasant odors;
  • catches the smallest particles of allergens;
  • low weight.

Are Mediify air purifiers good?

According to experts, Medify makes some of the best household air purifiers. Their overall benefits are:

  • Affordable cost;
  • Inexpensive consumables (HEPA filters);
  • low electricity consumption (the models reviewed are Energy Star rated);
  • maximum ease of use;
  • Medify air cleaners have a lifetime warranty.

And the disadvantages mentioned by buyers are not significant.

Popular features of Mediify air purifiers

Of the characteristics to look for when buying air purifiers:

  • The optimal area of the room where the device copes with air purification;
  • The number of operating modes (meaning fan speeds);
  • the noise produced during operation;
  • Availability of additional functions (button lock, night mode, air ionization).

Technically, the cleaners Medify are as simple as possible. But at the expense of this and the probability of breakage is completely leveled.

Where is it better to use the air purifier Mediify?

Medify air purifiers are universal. They are great for living quarters, hotels, schools, offices, universities, smoking rooms, and so on. The only place where it is not recommended to use them is in rooms with high humidity (if it exceeds 70%).

Features of Mediify air purifiers air conditioners

The peculiarity of Medify air purifiers is the use of specially modified HEPA filters. They consist of 3 layers and are equally good at removing both dust and pet hair, as well as unpleasant odors from the air. And the fans used are without contacting elements. This is why they last for decades without causing any problems to their owners.

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