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Jaybird Vista 2 review: Familiar design with brand new features

Marketed as “earthproof” true wireless sport headphones, Jaybird Vista 2 takes some features and design from the first generation and adds even more for 2022. Now featuring ANC, a “surround sense” ambient audio mode, and a more robust IP68 weatherproof rating, the Jaybird Vista 2 has plenty of features on paper to make it a great pair of true wireless earbuds. But how does it fare in real-life use? Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details.

While the $200 launch price was higher than the original Vista, we’re already starting to see some deals on the 2nd generation. At the time of posting this review, you can get the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds for $180.


From a design standpoint, it’d be difficult to see much of a difference between the original Vista and the new Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds and case. They’re overall pretty small with a variety of ear tips and wings. They come in both white and black colorways. This time, the black option also features a blacked-out case instead of the more colorful paint on the original Vista.

Another notable difference is that on the outside of the earbud is a fabric cover which Jaybird claims helps with wind noise.

I’ve found both the original Vista and the Vista 2 to be a good-looking earbud that doesn’t stand out too much like AirPods.

The case is a welcomed upgrade over many of the budget earbuds that I’m used to. It has a solid feel and a satisfying snap when closed. On the front, there are three LED lights that can help to indicate the status of the case and earbuds with a USB-C port for charging, and inside the case is a single multi-purpose button.

Jaybird Vista 2: Comfort

As a sport-focused earbud, one of the main features is the secure fit, thanks to the variety of ear wings. One pair removes the ear wings altogether if they aren’t the most comfortable for your ears.

Overall, I’ve found the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds to be plenty comfortable for longer workout sessions. I’ve most often used them when running distances from 5-10k and haven’t had any fatigue issues that have made me want to remove them.


How do they sound?

One of the best features of the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds is the sound quality. They really do sound great. Vista 2 is packing 6mm drivers, which is smaller than a lot of competitors, but still delivers a reported frequency response of 20-20kHz.

There is huge, powerful bass if you want it, but otherwise, everything comes through crisp and clear with great stereo separation.

One of my favorite way to test headphones is to listen to Mist by Protest the Hero. On the Vista 2 earbuds, the guitars came through clear and were very easy to distinguish in the track. Likewise, vocals are crisp and clear.

Just like the first generation, Jaybird puts a ton of EQ customizability into the app. There are EQ adjustments that you can make yourself or opt for other user-generated EQ maps. Some of the user-generated EQ presets are pretty heavy-handed, in my opinion, with excessive bass and massive cuts to mids and highs, but it’s easy to make your own or just go with the default flat EQ profile. But overall, these earbuds sound great.


Auto Play/Pause

Another welcomed feature is auto play/pause. Removing either of the earbuds will automatically pause the music. Audio will resume when the earbud is reinserted into your ear. If you’d like it to keep playing, you can also turn off auto-play/pause from within the Jaybird app.

Vista App

Beyond just EQ, controls can also be customized in the Vista app. There are settings for a single press, double press, hold, and double-tap as well. I wish there were more room in there for more gesture controls, but all I can find are these four control modes.


Jaybird Vista 2: ANC

One of the most notable updates over the original Vista is the inclusion of ANC. While not the best overall ANC for true wireless earbuds, it’s definitely a welcomed addition. I wished it would reduce audio more when using the earbuds while mowing, but in noisy environments, it can help to knock down some background noise.

When using the outside on the go, though, wind noise can be an issue. I was getting significant wind noise when using the buds in both ANC and ambient sound modes while running and riding a bicycle. Enough so that I just opted to turn both of them off and use the passive noise cancellation of the earbuds themselves – which was enough for me.

One nice feature is that you can dial in the amount of ambient noise through the app. There is a simple slider that lets your add more or takes some away. It appears to be independent of the volume of the earbuds, so if you turn your music up or down, it won’t adjust the ambient sound level. I usually kept the level below 25% as it amplifies all sounds.


Mic Check

The microphone on the Jaybird VIsta 2 works well but isn’t anything to write home about. Like many other true wireless earbuds, it kind of sounds like you’re talking on a speakerphone quality to it. I had a fan on in my office, and the mic definitely picked up wind noise at certain angles.

Battery Life

In the best conditions, you can expect up to 8 hours of battery life from the earbuds with an additional 16 from a fully charged case. And when you are ready to top off the case, it also features Qi wireless charging.

IP68 weatherproof rating

This 2nd generation has upped the weatherproofing to an IP68 rating. With water and dust resistance, if you drop your buds in the sand or just don’t clean your own ears as much as you should, like me, it’s easy to rinse them under a tap and clean them up. As a sport earbud, they’re just ready for more adventures which is always a welcomed feature.



While overall, the Vista 2 earbuds have a pretty good rating, there are plenty of accounts of people having issues with them. From my own experience, the only issue that I had was I couldn’t get the earbuds to update on my iPhone 8. But after trying on my wife’s iPhone 12, it updated perfectly, which made me realize I wasn’t on the latest iOS on my phone. So, in my experience, as long as everything is up to date, I haven’t had any connection issues with the earbuds.

9to5Toys Take

Overall, the Jaybird Vista 2 is a bit of a mixed bag. There are some things I love, like the sound quality, weatherproof rating, and battery life is pretty great as well. I wish that ANC worked better, and there are some app issues reported in reviews, but they still have 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so overall, it seems people are having a good experience with the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds.

If you are on a budget, though, or don’t want to risk the issues reported with Vista 2, you can still get the original Vista earbuds for just $130 right now.

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