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Best Rieker Shoes Reviewed & Rated

Founded in 1874 in Germany, this is a truly historical brand known for its high-quality leisure products that make you look good and feel good. With over 150 years of craftsmanship and know-how built into every product, this shoe style and the company that started it have been sported by influencers and celebrities around the globe. Their unique use of patterns, textures, heels and shapes keep them a cut above the competition.

Criteria Used for Evaluation


Many of the shoes that the brand designs are meant to provide a comfortable experience to the various parts of the wearer’s foot. This comfort can stem from various elements of the shoe’s design; from the support provided, to the fit of the shoe, to the padding in the entirety of the shoe’s design. All of these things come together in a shoe’ design to ensure that wearers are as comfortable as they can possibly be when wearing a pair of shoes designed and developed by this brand.


For many, the support that a shoe provides to the various parts of the foot can make or break a shoe. For instance, if a shoe doesn’t provide wearers with a bit of support for the arch of their heel or even the sides of their feet, it doesn’t make sense for them to purchase the shoe. This is the main reason why it was imperative to pay close attention to the level of support that a specific model provided to its wearer.


The fit that a shoe gives is also relatively important for deciding whether or not the model will provide adequate comfort or not. For instance, a shoe that feels as if it doesn’t fit closely enough to the wearer’s foot is a shoe that won’t be very comfortable; no one likes to feel as if their foot is constantly sliding around inside of their shoe. The lacing or entrance to a shoe plays an integral role in this respect; it dictates how easily one will be able to move around and the level of snugness that one will experience.


When it comes to comfort, nothing is more important than the level of cushioning incorporated into a shoe’s design. The padding on the interior of the shoe and in the midsole ensures that the wearer will have optimum comfort while they walk around in their favorite pair of shoes. For this very reason, it is incredibly important to pay attention to how cushioned the inside of a shoe’s design is; a shoe without adequate cushioning will not deliver much comfort and will most likely result in an individual not wanting to wear the shoe for too long.


When it comes to shoes, quality is much, much more important than quantity. The way that a shoe is designed and the length of time that it lists directly affects how long someone will subscribe to purchasing shoes from a specific designer. No one likes to buy shoes that break apart after only a few months or weeks wearing them. This is why it is incredibly important that we pay extreme attention to both the length of time that a shoe lasts on average and the way that the shoe was built.


The materials that a shoe is designed from dictates how long it will last for the wearer on average. For instance, a shoe designed with thin materials will not last as long as a shoe built from heavy-duty materials such as leather.


The stitching of the shoe is one of the most important aspects of the design. Questions that one should ask themselves when they go through to decide whether or not they’ll like to purchase a specific model is how tightly woven is the stitching. Does the stitching look as if it’s going to come out of the shoe? If so, it’s probably best that the shoe isn’t purchased because it won’t last for very long.


This brand’s shoes are titled “Antistress” because they are designed to alleviate many of the pressures that wearer’s experience during their time spent in the shoe model. These pressures can range from the level of discomfort felt during walking or having too tight of a fit in a specific area of the shoe. With that, the company manages to incorporate several improvements into the designs of their various shoe models.

Shock absorbing

Many of their shoes are designed to alleviate pressure; they do this through the incorporation of cushioning throughout the shoe’s upper and mid-sole sections of the shoe. The mid sole section of their shoes is where many of the cushioning aspects of the shoe’s design come from.


This section refers to a shoes ability to provide wearers with a level of responsiveness while on foot. The shoe must be able to provide wearers with what they’d need in terms of transitions without hindering their stride. The ability to do this is done through the use of malleable materials such as rubber on the outsoles of their shoes.


To receive a roomy toe box in the design of their shoes is something that not many receive but many would like to have as a part of their shoe’s design. The design of the toe box in many of their shoes enables wearers to have a bit more room which allows for adequate toe splay while a shoe is in use.


While style is often a matter of personal taste, we’ve checked thousands of online reviews to see what people are saying about each of the products on our list. Some things, such as sleek design, seamless construction and overall weight and shape of the shoe, were common likes or dislikes among buyers of each product.

To evaluate style, we considered everything from the design, color, shape, weight, lines and overall construction of the shoe in question. While no one wants to wear an uncomfortable shoe, they also don’t want a comfortable shoe to be ugly on the eyes. We’ve selected all of those on our top 10 to be not only stylish but also comfortable, true-to-size, supportive and durable.

The higher the score on the “style” metric, the more fashionable we and the community of buyers we surveyed deemed the product to be.


The outsole, or more simply, the sole of the shoe, makes direct contact with the ground and therefore supports the entire foot and body when in motion. A poorly-constructed outsole will lead to discomfort, slipping and foot or other bodily injuries. For this reason, many manufacturers use materials that are water-, weather-, heat-, and impact-resistant.

Depending on the type of footwear, one will often see outsoles made from natural or synthetic materials, such as PVC, EVA, rubber, and leather. Each of these has their advantages, depending on the shoe’s purpose; however, as a general rule, they each are resistant to the aforementioned factors. They are also flexible enough to support a proper foot cycle when in motion, but they are not so flexible that they feel like a pair of socks.

A sole made of the materials above tends to score higher on our product evaluations, as they are not only comfortable but also support other criteria, such as “comfort” and “materials.”

10 Best Rieker Shoes

1. Malea

Well, if you’re looking for a shoe thata sneaker, yet more stylish, look no further than the Malea. The Malea has a design that looks utterly fantastic. This shoe is meant for those with both an outstanding personality and sense of style. The brand is known for designing shoes with a bit of flair incorporated, but it appears that with the design of this pair they managed to dab almost all of the flair out. The leather upper, as well as the small heel of this shoe, ensure that all who gaze upon it will remember this shoe.

The small raised heel, along with various other design elements, allows this shoe to provide wearers with all that they’d need in terms of both style and grace without compromising comfort.

The upper on this model is designed to consistently provide wearers with a sense of style. The use of elasticized straps in its design ensures that the wearer is able to retain a level of style that stands out among that of other individuals while also helping to fit each individual foot better.

2. Sina

The Sina 78 is a shoe whose design has a mind of its own. The brand blended modern weaving patterns and into a suede upper to give this shoe the complex design that it currently has. On top of that, the shoe has a block heel, something that not many individuals see paired with an upper of this variety. This shoe’s look is one that will definitely stand out at any event that it’s worn at, and for good reason too.

The heel on the Sina 78 is one of the main elements of this shoe’s design that stand out tremendously. The shoe was gifted with a blocked heel, which introduces a certain level of class into the modern design of this pump. The heel has color-stripe that runs its length which also allows the shoe to provide wearer’s with a bit more of style when the shoe is worn; it makes it a relatively simple matter to match this shoe because of the color code that the shoe is bound to.

If you thought that the blocked heel of this shoe was something to think about, wait until you take a look at the upper on this beautiful shoe. The upper on the Sina 78 features a woven pattern of contrasting textures. The fabric used to do the actual weaving appears to be designed from a coarse suede material. The rest of the shoe is designed from suede as well only, a suede of a smoother variety. The woven design also introduces a bit of stretchiness into the shoe’s design that makes entry and removal a dream of a task.

3. Doris

Doris is a flat with an exceptionally unique design. The shoe makes use of a textured upper with various perforations to provide wearers with what they’d need in terms of airflow. The perforations also provide the wearer with something in terms of style but, more on that later. The sole unit, namely the midsole, also makes use of strategic insertions to provide the wearer with what they’d need in terms of style.

The entirety of the shoe is designed to ensure that wearers step out in style. The upper, for instance, makes use of several different types of textured patterns which allows the shoe to look rather, different. The texturing of the upper, as well as the colors used to represent these different textures, allow the shoe to look absolutely wonderful when on foot. The use of the textured elements on certain areas of the shoe while making the bulk of the shoe a base color also helps the shoe in the style category.

The sole unit of this flat is also something to pay tremendous attention to. The midsole uses contrasting colors to help it make its presence known against the brilliant design of the upper. The outsole is also something that must be paid a bit of attention to. The outsole makes use of a pattern that falls directly in line with that of the rest of the shoe; the bedazzled floral patterning of the outsole makes every step one that lasts.

4. Mirjam

For anyone seeking a pair of pumps that are both breathable and outstandingly stylish, look no further than the Mirjam 11. These shoes sport a floral patterned upper and various perforations which enable them to deliver enumerable levels of airflow to the foot. On top of that, the sole unit on these shoes are designed to ensure that wearers enjoy every step that they take in this model; the synthetic lining reduces the chance of injury while in the shoe.

The upper on this shoe is yet another thing of beauty. The Mirjam 11 features an upper designed with a floral pattern which allows air to continually flow to and from the wearer’s foot; it also makes the shoe look incredibly stylish to any onlookers. Outside of the perforations that come in the form of the floral pattern, the shoe’s upper is extremely minimal and manages to cover very little of the wearer’s midfoot while also delivering a bit of security to the rest of the foot. The lack of coverage ensures that the wearer has optimal air circulation in this shoe model.

The outsole on this model is also something to pay a bit of attention to. It is designed from synthetic materials and is textured throughout. Both the heel and the forefoot area of the outsole feature a crosshatch pattern which keeps the foot from slipping and sliding around. When wearing a heel, this is something to pay a considerable amount of time paying attention to.

5. Regina

These sandals definitely live up to the brand’s name. The Regina is a sandal designed for those who would like to go open-toe without having to be left feeling completely exposed. The sandal’s design is meant to provide wearers with a cushioned feel on their underfoot as well as ease of adjustment for the size of their feet (within reason). The shoe features an elastic adjustable strap which makes it relatively simple for the shoe to stretch to the width of one’s foot.

The Regina is designed with an adjustable elastic strap fit in place throughout the shoe’s design. This strap enables the shoe to fit the width of one’s foot rather easily. This sandal is for those who would like a pair of sandals that won’t leave their feet feeling restricted/trapped in the design. These are meant for ease of movement; a quality that isn’t delivered to wearers every day.

The footbed of this shoe only accentuates the comforting aspects of this wonderful sandal. The footbed is cushioned/padded so as to deliver extreme levels of comfort to any individuals underfoot. This makes wearing the sandal somewhat of a breeze and eliminates the feeling of walking on a wooden floor that many other sandals provide to their wearers.

6. Fabrizia

The Fabrizia has a design that one definitely doesn’t see every day. The boot features a sporty design as well as full-foot coverage (unlike the other models listed thus far). Despite the full-foot coverage, the shoe also delivers to wearers ample airflow throughout the design that allows for ample airflow to be delivered to the foot of the wearer. In addition to these things, the sole features a cushioning insole features that greatly improve the feeling that one receives from the shoe.

The design of this boot makes great use of a removable insole feature. This insole allows the wearer to receive what they need in terms of comfort from this stylish sports shoe. Seeing as this shoe is made for a bit more movement, this feature allows for the insertion of an additional insole into the shoe’s design.

Many of the shoes designed by this brand are meant to be wholly versatile. They are meant to ensure that wearers receive ample airflow without sacrificing everything that they’d need in terms of protection. The design of this shoe finds a balance between those two needs. The Fabrizia is meant to be a full coverage sports shoe. This means that the foot is still protected but, that the shoe still falls in-line with the design of the rest of the brand’s shoes (it’s still perforated).

7. Celia

A good slip-on is something that is hard to find. Even worse, a good and fashionable slip-on is that much harder to find. The company saw this issue and got hard at work trying to design the perfect model for their customers. This is when the Celia sprung to life. With an outsole designed form PU and an upper designed from a leather material, this slip-on manages to find the perfect balance between both style and quality.

The upper on the Celia is primarily designed from a leather material. The use of this material allows the shoe to provide wearers with all that they’d need in terms of quality and longevity. To combat the accumulation of sweat that generally accompanies the use of this material, they also inserted several perforations into the model’s design; this keeps shoe stylish and ensures comfort during wear.

Polyurethane or PU is a material that is known both for its shock absorbent nature and the comfort that it delivers to its wearers. Unlike many other outsoles, this material works in tandem with the rest of the shoe’s design to ensure that wearers are able to achieve maximum comfort levels while the shoe is in use. The outsole design also makes great use of patterning to improve the grip of the shoe overall, which is something nice to see in a slip on every once in a while.

8. Felicitas

Have you ever seen a boot with an upper designed partially from wool? I’m assuming that the answer to that question was a yes but, have you ever seen one designed from knit wool? The Felicitas boot is designed to provide a comfortable experience as well as a unique experience. The upper of this boot is designed from both knit wool and leather (more will be said about this later on). In addition to this, the boot makes use of leather strap which allows it to provide the wearer both a bit of style and security while in use.

The upper portion of the upper of the Felicitas boot is designed from a knit wool material. As is the nature of wool, this material delivers an outstanding level of comfort to the wearer’s feet as well as a snug fit. The addition of the knit material allows the boot to have a thrifty, outdoor look that doesn’t go unnoticed by passersby. For any seeking a boot to go on adventures in style, this boot may be a good choice.

At first glance, the strap along the side of this boot may seem like a sort of vestigial feature. It may not make the most sense for it to be there, but it does serve a purpose. The leather strap along the side keeps the wearer’s foot locked in place inside of the knit wool of the upper. The addition of this material also allows the boot to have a bit more style than that which would normally be expected of the boot.

9. Liz

Last but not least, we have a knee-high boot that goes by the name Liz. This boot has a full-leather exterior as well as a Goretex material which enables the shoe to provide wearers with a snug but smooth entry into the design. This boot is perfect for those who would enjoy feeling completely secure while also looking wonderfully stylish. The materials incorporated into the sole unit (gummy rubber) allow for a high level of flexibility. The upper of the shoe on the hand is meant to be rather rigid and thus, is designed from a high-quality leather material.

The upper of this boot stretches all of the ways to the wearer’s knees. This opens the shoe up to being able to provide wearers with what they need in terms of protection. The use of leather in the design allows the shoe to provide wearers with a sense of rigidity that goes completely unnoticed by other models of the boot. This rigidity doesn’t limit the range of motion while the boot is on simply because of the fact that it stops right beneath any major joints.

Many boots have designs that incorporate a hardened rubber on the outsole. To step away from this feature in the design, the Liz features a gummy sole unit. This allows the boot to provide wearers with a full range of motion while the boot is in use; this range definitely comes in handy when one is actually making use of the Liz. This material directly contrasts the feeling that one would get from the leather in the boot’s upper.

10. Payton

This ankle-length boot is a real fashion statement. With the laces, toe cap, and print design on the upper, they will stand out from most other boots. With a combat style, this could be a staple of your wordrobe for seasons to come. And because of the synthetic and leather upper, as well as the rubber sole, you’ll have these for a long while.

The fleece fabric lining on this boot manages to add even more comfort to these boots. They don’t look like they would be too warm but they are actually very cozy and would make great boots for the cooler months or even winter.

While there are laces across the upper, there is also a zipper on the inside to help quick easy on and off. The rubber sole helps on slippery ground and the over ankle length helps with stabilization.

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