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General Pants Co Review : Men’s & Women’s Clothing

General Pants Co. is a well-known and influential fashion brand that has made its mark in the global fashion industry. Established in Sydney, Australia, in 1972, the brand has since expanded its presence both within and outside Australia. It is recognized for its contemporary and diverse fashion offerings, catering to a wide range of style preferences and demographics.

History and Evolution:

General Pants Co. is a fashion retail brand with a rich history that dates back to the early 1970s. Established in Sydney, Australia, the brand has undergone a significant evolution, transforming from a small boutique store into a well-known and influential player in the fashion industry.

1970s – The Birth of General Pants:

General Pants Co. was founded in 1972 in Sydney, Australia, by John and Bronwyn Weiss. It started as a small boutique store, catering to the fashion tastes of the time. The brand’s early years were marked by its commitment to offering a unique and diverse selection of clothing and accessories.

1980s – Expansion and Diversification:

In the 1980s, General Pants Co. began to expand its reach and diversify its product offerings. It became known for its forward-thinking approach, introducing innovative fashion to the Australian market. During this period, the brand started to carry a mix of in-house labels and international brands, laying the foundation for its diverse product range.

1990s – Embracing Streetwear:

The 1990s saw a significant shift in fashion, with streetwear and urban styles becoming increasingly popular. General Pants Co. recognized this trend and adapted its product catalog to cater to the emerging streetwear culture. The brand’s commitment to staying at the forefront of fashion trends became more apparent during this era.

2000s – In-House Brands and International Labels:

As the 21st century began, General Pants Co. continued to evolve. It started developing its in-house brands, including Ksubi (formerly known as Tsubi), Insight, and Stussy. These in-house labels gained recognition for their unique designs and distinct aesthetics, contributing to the brand’s image as a trendsetter.

The 2000s also saw the brand expand its collection of international labels, bringing renowned names like Levi’s, Vans, and Wrangler to its stores. This diversification allowed General Pants Co. to offer a wide range of styles and cater to a broader demographic.

2010s – Digital Transformation and Sustainability:

The digital age brought about changes in consumer behavior, and General Pants Co. recognized the importance of an online presence. The brand developed a user-friendly website, allowing customers to shop conveniently from their devices. This online platform became increasingly essential in reaching a broader audience.

The 2010s also witnessed a growing focus on sustainability and social responsibility within the fashion industry. General Pants Co. took steps to address ethical and environmental concerns, aligning its practices with the changing values of consumers.

Present Day – A Fashion Destination:

Today, General Pants Co. stands as a prominent fashion brand with a presence both in Australia and internationally. Its stores are characterized by their modern and vibrant atmosphere, reflecting the brand’s commitment to delivering an engaging shopping experience. General Pants Co. continues to influence fashion trends and remains a platform for emerging designers and brands.

The brand’s product range has expanded to include not only apparel but also footwear and accessories, spanning a wide array of styles, from streetwear to high fashion. General Pants Co. has become a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts, offering them a diverse and trendsetting selection of fashion choices.

Product Range

General Pants Co. is recognized for its diverse and trendsetting product range, offering a wide variety of clothing, footwear, and accessories. The brand’s product catalog spans different styles, from streetwear and casual to high fashion and urban chic. Here’s an overview of the product range typically available at General Pants Co.:

1. Apparel:

  • Jeans and Denim: General Pants Co. offers a wide selection of jeans and denim products, including various cuts, washes, and brands. This category often includes iconic denim brands like Levi’s and Wrangler.
  • Tops: Shoppers can find a range of tops, including t-shirts, shirts, blouses, and sweaters. These products encompass a variety of styles, from casual and graphic tees to more formal dress shirts.
  • Bottoms: The brand provides a diverse collection of bottoms, such as shorts, skirts, pants, and joggers. These items cater to different occasions and style preferences.
  • Dresses and Jumpsuits: General Pants Co. typically carries a selection of dresses and jumpsuits, ranging from casual and everyday wear to more formal options for special occasions.
  • Outerwear: Shoppers can explore an assortment of outerwear, including jackets, coats, and hoodies. The brand often offers options for various seasons and weather conditions.
  • Activewear: For those seeking athletic and sporty styles, General Pants Co. often includes activewear items like leggings, sports bras, and workout tops.

2. Footwear:

  • Sneakers: The brand carries a range of sneakers from both in-house labels and international brands. Sneakers come in different styles, from classic and minimalistic designs to bold and statement-making options.
  • Boots: General Pants Co. offers various types of boots, such as combat boots, Chelsea boots, and more, catering to different style preferences.
  • Sandals: Shoppers can find sandals for warm-weather occasions, including both casual and more stylish designs.

3. Accessories:

  • Bags: General Pants Co. includes bags of different types, such as backpacks, crossbody bags, and tote bags. These are designed to complement various outfits and serve practical purposes.
  • Hats: The brand’s accessory range often features a selection of hats, including baseball caps, bucket hats, and beanies.
  • Belts: General Pants Co. provides an array of belts, from classic leather styles to more eclectic and statement-making designs.
  • Jewelry: Shoppers can explore jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, which allow them to accessorize and personalize their looks.
  • Sunglasses: The brand’s accessory catalog typically includes a range of sunglasses in different shapes and styles.
  • Scarves: General Pants Co. offers scarves that can be used for both fashion and warmth.
  • Socks: Shoppers can find an assortment of socks, including basic styles and more unique and patterned designs.

General Pants Co.’s product range is known for its diversity, catering to a broad demographic and offering options for different style preferences and occasions. Whether customers are looking for everyday casual wear, streetwear, or high-quality denim, they can typically find a variety of choices at General Pants Co. The inclusion of both in-house labels and international brands adds to the brand’s appeal, making it a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts.

International Labels

General Pants Co. is known for its wide range of fashion offerings, and a significant part of its product catalog includes international labels. These international brands provide diversity and a global perspective to the brand’s product range, catering to various style preferences. Here are some of the international labels that are typically available at General Pants Co.:

1. Levi’s:

Levi’s is a renowned American denim brand that has been a symbol of classic, durable, and stylish jeans for generations. General Pants Co. often carries a variety of Levi’s denim products, including jeans, jackets, and shorts.

2. Wrangler:

Another iconic American denim brand, Wrangler, is known for its rugged and durable jeans. The brand’s products, including classic denim styles, can often be found at General Pants Co. stores.

3. Vans:

Vans is a globally recognized brand that specializes in skateboarding and lifestyle footwear. General Pants Co. typically offers a selection of Vans sneakers, including the classic Old Skool and Authentic styles.

4. Converse:

Converse is celebrated for its timeless Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. These iconic shoes are often part of General Pants Co.’s product range, appealing to those who appreciate classic and versatile footwear.

5. Stussy:

Stussy is an influential streetwear brand hailing from the United States. General Pants Co. frequently features a collection of Stussy clothing and accessories, showcasing the brand’s urban and laid-back aesthetic.

6. Dr. Martens:

Dr. Martens is a British brand known for its distinctive and durable footwear, particularly its iconic combat boots. These boots, along with other Dr. Martens products, can often be found in General Pants Co. stores.

7. adidas:

adidas is a global sportswear giant, and General Pants Co. may include a variety of adidas products, including athletic footwear, clothing, and accessories.

8. Nike:

Nike is another prominent sportswear brand, offering athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories. General Pants Co. typically provides a selection of Nike products for those with active and sporty lifestyles.

9. Puma:

Puma is known for its sporty and casual footwear, clothing, and accessories. General Pants Co. may carry Puma products, offering a blend of style and performance.

10. Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion brand recognized for its classic and preppy style. General Pants Co. often features a range of Tommy Hilfiger clothing and accessories, appealing to those with a more traditional fashion taste.

These international labels contribute to the brand’s diverse and global product catalog, allowing General Pants Co. to cater to a broad demographic with varying fashion preferences. By including these well-known and respected brands, the brand enhances its appeal to a wide range of customers, from those seeking timeless classics to those looking for the latest trends in global fashion.

Target Audience

General Pants Co. caters to a broad and diverse demographic, offering a wide range of fashion products that appeal to various style preferences and age groups. The brand’s target audience typically encompasses the following segments:

1. Fashion-Forward Youth:

One of the primary target segments for General Pants Co. is the fashion-forward youth. This includes teenagers and young adults who are actively engaged in following the latest fashion trends. The brand provides them with a variety of trendy and contemporary styles, including streetwear, urban chic, and unique in-house labels.

2. Young Adults:

General Pants Co. extends its appeal to young adults in their 20s and 30s who are looking for stylish and diverse fashion options. This demographic appreciates the brand’s selection of denim, activewear, and accessories suitable for everyday wear and social occasions.

3. Streetwear Enthusiasts:

Streetwear culture is a significant focus for the brand, making it a preferred destination for streetwear enthusiasts. This segment includes individuals who embrace urban and street-inspired fashion, featuring bold graphics, unique designs, and a casual yet statement-making style.

4. Denim Lovers:

General Pants Co. appeals to those who have a love for denim. The brand carries renowned denim brands like Levi’s and Wrangler, making it an attractive choice for individuals seeking high-quality jeans and denim products.

5. Style-Conscious Shoppers:

The brand’s diverse product range caters to style-conscious shoppers of all ages. Those who prioritize staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and appreciate a wide variety of styles, from classic to avant-garde, find General Pants Co. a suitable choice.

6. Athleisure and Sportswear Enthusiasts:

The brand also attracts individuals who prefer athleisure and sportswear styles. This includes those who prioritize comfort, functionality, and a sporty aesthetic in their clothing and footwear choices.

7. Shoppers Seeking Versatility:

General Pants Co. caters to shoppers looking for versatile fashion options. Its product range allows individuals to find clothing and accessories suitable for everyday wear, as well as those that can be dressed up for special occasions.

8. Fans of Iconic Brands:

The brand appeals to fans of iconic international brands like Vans, Converse, and Stussy, offering access to these brands’ products. General Pants Co. allows individuals to express their brand affinity through their fashion choices.

9. Trendsetters and Influencers:

Trendsetters and influencers in the fashion world often shop at General Pants Co. to discover and showcase the latest styles and trends. The brand is recognized for its ability to set trends and offer unique and exclusive items.

10. Diverse Demographics:

General Pants Co. welcomes a diverse range of customers, from those seeking everyday essentials to those looking for statement pieces and limited-edition releases. Its inclusive approach ensures that fashion enthusiasts of varying backgrounds and preferences feel welcome.

Retail Experience

General Pants Co. offers a distinct and engaging retail experience that goes beyond traditional shopping. The brand’s physical stores are characterized by their modern and vibrant atmosphere, reflecting its commitment to delivering an immersive and memorable shopping experience. Here’s an overview of the retail experience at General Pants Co.:

1. Contemporary Store Design:

General Pants Co. stores are typically designed with a contemporary and urban aesthetic. The store layouts, decor, and visual merchandising are carefully curated to create a visually appealing and on-brand atmosphere.

2. Trend-Setting Displays:

The brand is known for its trend-setting displays. Mannequins and displays often showcase the latest fashion trends, providing customers with style inspiration as they explore the store.

3. Immersive Environment:

General Pants Co. stores aim to create an immersive shopping environment. The ambiance is designed to resonate with the target audience, offering a space where shoppers can fully engage with the brand and its products.

4. Music and Ambiance:

Music plays a significant role in enhancing the shopping experience. The brand typically curates playlists and music selections that complement the store’s vibe, contributing to a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

5. Product Variety and Diversity:

The stores are known for their diverse product range. Shoppers can explore a wide variety of clothing, footwear, and accessories, catering to different style preferences and occasions. From streetwear to high fashion, there’s something for everyone.

6. Staff Expertise:

The brand’s staff members are typically knowledgeable about the products and fashion trends. They provide assistance to customers, offer recommendations, and help with sizing and styling, creating a personalized shopping experience.

7. In-House Labels:

General Pants Co. often dedicates sections of its stores to in-house labels, such as Ksubi, Insight, and Stussy. These sections allow customers to explore and engage with the brand’s exclusive designs.

8. Exclusive Releases:

The brand occasionally offers exclusive and limited-edition releases. This strategy adds an element of excitement to the retail experience, encouraging shoppers to visit stores to access unique and sought-after items.

9. Seasonal Collections:

General Pants Co. frequently updates its collections to align with the changing seasons. The brand’s stores transition with the seasons, offering seasonal essentials and styles that cater to the weather and fashion trends of the moment.

10. Visual Merchandising:

Visual merchandising is a key element of the retail experience. The brand’s stores typically feature eye-catching window displays and in-store presentations that highlight the latest fashion arrivals.

11. In-Store Events:

General Pants Co. occasionally hosts in-store events, pop-up shops, and collaborations. These events create a sense of community and provide customers with opportunities to engage with the brand beyond shopping.

12. Fitting Rooms:

Fitting rooms are typically designed for convenience and comfort. They allow shoppers to try on items and ensure a perfect fit before making a purchase.

13. Sustainable Practices:

In line with its commitment to sustainability, General Pants Co. may incorporate sustainable practices and materials in its store design and operations.

Online Presence

General Pants Co. recognizes the significance of an online presence in today’s digital age. The brand has established a strong online presence to cater to customers who prefer to shop online and engage with the brand through digital channels. Here’s an overview of General Pants Co.’s online presence:

1. User-Friendly Website:

General Pants Co. operates a user-friendly and visually appealing website that allows customers to browse and shop conveniently from their computers, tablets, and smartphones. The website is designed to provide a seamless online shopping experience.

2. Extensive Product Catalog:

The brand’s online platform features an extensive catalog of products, including clothing, footwear, and accessories. Shoppers can explore a wide range of styles, brands, and categories, making it a one-stop destination for online fashion shopping.

3. Detailed Product Descriptions:

Product listings typically include detailed descriptions, sizing information, and high-quality images, allowing customers to make informed decisions when purchasing items online.

4. Easy Checkout Process:

General Pants Co. offers a straightforward and secure checkout process, ensuring that customers can complete their purchases efficiently. Various payment options are typically available to accommodate different preferences.

5. Click and Collect:

The brand often provides a “click and collect” option, allowing customers to order products online and pick them up in-store, providing flexibility and convenience.

6. Delivery and Shipping:

Customers can typically choose from different delivery and shipping options, including standard, express, and international shipping. The brand aims to ensure timely and reliable delivery of orders.

7. Returns and Exchanges:

General Pants Co. provides a clear and customer-friendly returns and exchanges policy, allowing shoppers to return or exchange items if they don’t meet their expectations.

8. Mobile App:

Some brands may offer a dedicated mobile app that allows customers to shop, receive notifications about new arrivals and promotions, and enjoy a streamlined mobile shopping experience.

9. Social Media Integration:

General Pants Co. integrates its online presence with social media platforms, allowing customers to connect with the brand, view social content, and stay updated on the latest fashion trends and promotions.

10. Content and Blog:

The brand often features a blog or content section on its website, providing fashion inspiration, trend articles, and style guides to help customers make fashion choices and stay informed about the latest trends.

11. Exclusive Online Promotions:

Online shoppers may benefit from exclusive online promotions, discounts, and special offers. These promotions add value to the online shopping experience.

12. Customer Support:

General Pants Co. typically offers online customer support, allowing customers to reach out for assistance, inquiries, or support related to online shopping.

13. Sustainability Initiatives:

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the brand may use its online platform to communicate its sustainable practices, initiatives, and the use of eco-friendly materials.

Customer Service

Customer service is a vital aspect of General Pants Co.’s commitment to delivering an exceptional shopping experience. The brand places a strong emphasis on providing responsive and effective customer service to ensure that customers have a positive and hassle-free interaction with the brand. Here’s an overview of General Pants Co.’s customer service:

1. Responsive and Knowledgeable Staff:

General Pants Co. is known for its friendly and well-informed staff who are available to assist customers both in-store and online. Staff members are typically trained to provide expert advice and guidance on product choices.

2. Pre-Purchase Assistance:

The brand often offers pre-purchase assistance, whether customers are inquiring about specific products, seeking recommendations, or needing help with sizing and styling.

3. In-Store Assistance:

In physical stores, customers can expect a welcoming and approachable staff who are ready to help with product inquiries and ensure that customers have a pleasant in-store experience.

4. Online Support:

General Pants Co. provides online support through various digital channels. Customers can often reach out for assistance via live chat, email, or phone, making it easy to get help and answers to their questions.

5. Problem Resolution:

The brand takes customer concerns and issues seriously. If problems or challenges arise, General Pants Co. is typically dedicated to resolving them in a prompt and effective manner, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their shopping experience.

6. Post-Purchase Support:

The brand recognizes that customer service extends beyond the point of purchase. General Pants Co. remains responsive to any post-purchase inquiries, returns, and exchanges, ensuring that customers receive the support they need even after their transaction is completed.

7. Customer Feedback:

General Pants Co. often values customer feedback and encourages shoppers to provide their opinions and reviews. This feedback loop helps the brand continually improve its products and services.

8. Accessibility and Inclusivity:

The brand typically ensures that its customer service is accessible and inclusive, catering to individuals with diverse needs and preferences. This may include providing services and support for customers with special requirements.

9. Language Support:

General Pants Co. recognizes the international nature of its customer base and often provides multilingual support to assist international customers who may not speak the local language.

10. Loyalty Programs:

Some brands offer loyalty programs that reward repeat customers with exclusive benefits and services, fostering customer loyalty and providing a higher level of service to returning shoppers.

Fashion Impact

General Pants Co. has had a significant impact on the fashion landscape, particularly in Australia and beyond. As a prominent fashion retailer with a strong presence, the brand has played a pivotal role in shaping fashion trends, influencing style choices, and serving as a platform for emerging designers and brands. Here are key aspects of General Pants Co.’s fashion impact:

1. Trendsetting Styles:

General Pants Co. is recognized for its trendsetting styles. The brand frequently curates its collections to feature the latest and most fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories. By doing so, it influences the fashion choices of a wide range of customers.

2. Streetwear Culture:

The brand has been influential in promoting and embracing streetwear culture. General Pants Co. has a strong connection to urban and street-inspired fashion, offering bold graphics, unique designs, and a casual yet statement-making style that resonates with many young consumers.

3. Support for Emerging Designers:

The brand has a history of supporting emerging designers and brands. Through its in-house labels and product curation, General Pants Co. provides a platform for these designers to showcase their creations and gain exposure in the fashion industry.

4. Collaboration and Promotion:

General Pants Co. frequently collaborates with fashion designers, artists, and brands. These collaborations generate buzz and excitement within the fashion community and often result in exclusive and highly sought-after products.

5. A Destination for Fashion Enthusiasts:

General Pants Co. serves as a destination for fashion enthusiasts who seek diverse and immersive shopping experiences. The brand’s physical stores and online platform offer a wide variety of fashion options, from everyday essentials to statement pieces.

6. Exposure to International Trends:

Through its selection of international labels, the brand provides customers with exposure to global fashion trends and styles. It allows customers to explore and adopt international fashion aesthetics.

7. Role in Australian Fashion:

General Pants Co. has played a pivotal role in shaping Australian fashion trends. Its presence and influence in the country have contributed to Australia’s reputation as a fashion-forward and culturally diverse nation.

8. Promoting Versatile Fashion Choices:

The brand encourages versatile fashion choices. By offering a diverse range of styles, General Pants Co. empowers customers to express their individuality and experiment with different fashion aesthetics.

9. Social Media Presence:

General Pants Co. leverages social media platforms to connect with fashion enthusiasts and showcase the latest trends. Its presence on social media helps to disseminate fashion inspiration and influence style choices.

10. Responding to Customer Preferences:

The brand’s ability to respond to customer preferences and adapt to changing fashion trends ensures that it remains relevant and influential in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Social Responsibility

General Pants Co. recognizes the importance of social responsibility and sustainability in the fashion industry. The brand has taken steps to address ethical and environmental concerns, aligning its practices with changing consumer values and global sustainability goals. Here are some of the aspects of General Pants Co.’s social responsibility initiatives:

1. Ethical Sourcing:

The brand places a strong emphasis on ethical sourcing practices. This includes responsible and transparent sourcing of materials, as well as ensuring fair labor conditions for workers in the supply chain. General Pants Co. often collaborates with suppliers who share their commitment to ethical sourcing.

2. Sustainable Materials:

General Pants Co. incorporates sustainable materials into its product offerings. This may include the use of eco-friendly fabrics, organic cotton, and recycled materials. The brand aims to reduce its environmental footprint through material choices.

3. Environmental Commitment:

The brand typically takes steps to minimize its environmental impact. This includes efforts to reduce waste, energy consumption, and water usage in its operations. General Pants Co. often sets goals for reducing its carbon footprint and waste generation.

4. Recycling Initiatives:

General Pants Co. may have recycling initiatives in place, encouraging customers to recycle or return used clothing and footwear. Some brands offer incentives for recycling, contributing to a more circular fashion economy.

5. Sustainable Packaging:

The brand often uses sustainable packaging materials, such as biodegradable or recyclable packaging. This helps reduce the environmental impact of shipping and packaging.

6. Transparency and Accountability:

General Pants Co. is committed to transparency in its practices. The brand may provide information about its sustainability initiatives and supply chain practices, allowing customers to make informed choices.

7. Supporting Local Communities:

Some brands engage in community support and philanthropy. General Pants Co. may support local communities through donations, partnerships with nonprofit organizations, and other initiatives that benefit society.

8. Diversity and Inclusion:

The brand often promotes diversity and inclusion, both within its workforce and in its marketing and advertising. This commitment to diversity ensures that General Pants Co. is inclusive and welcoming to customers of all backgrounds.

9. Ethical Marketing:

The brand typically engages in ethical marketing practices, avoiding misleading or exploitative advertising. It aims to provide customers with accurate and transparent information about its products.

10. Supporting Sustainable Brands:

General Pants Co. may collaborate with and promote sustainable and ethical brands. This partnership approach helps shine a light on brands that share the same values and principles.

11. Continuous Improvement:

General Pants Co. recognizes that sustainability and social responsibility are ongoing journeys. The brand often seeks ways to improve its practices and reduce its impact on the environment and society.

Returns Policy

General Pants Co. typically has a customer-friendly returns policy that aims to make the return and exchange process as straightforward as possible. While the specific policy may vary over time, the following are general guidelines often associated with the brand’s returns policy:

Return Period:

General Pants Co. typically allows customers to return or exchange items within a specified period after the date of purchase. This period is usually set to 30 days, providing customers with ample time to decide if they are satisfied with their purchase.

Eligibility for Returns:

To be eligible for a return, items must generally meet certain criteria. This includes being in unworn, unused, and undamaged condition. Original tags and packaging are often required to be intact.

Proof of Purchase:

Customers are usually required to provide proof of purchase when making a return. This can be in the form of a receipt, invoice, or confirmation email. Proof of purchase helps verify the transaction.

Return Methods:

General Pants Co. typically offers several methods for customers to initiate a return. This may include returning items to a physical store or initiating the return online through the brand’s website.

Refund Options:

Depending on the customer’s preference and the condition of the returned item, General Pants Co. often provides two primary options: a refund or an exchange for another item. The refund is typically processed using the original payment method, while exchanges allow customers to select a different product of their choice.

Online Returns:

When returning items purchased online, customers often have the convenience of initiating the return online. They can request a return authorization and generate a return label, making the process efficient and user-friendly.

In-Store Returns:

For items purchased in physical stores, customers can typically visit a nearby General Pants Co. location to initiate a return or exchange. Store staff are generally available to assist with the process.

Timeframe for Refunds:

Refunds are typically processed within a specific timeframe. General Pants Co. aims to provide refunds promptly, often within a few business days to a couple of weeks, depending on the original payment method and other factors.


The brand’s returns policy may include exceptions for specific items, such as underwear or swimwear, which may not be eligible for return due to hygiene reasons. These exceptions are usually clearly outlined in the returns policy.

Customer Support:

General Pants Co. typically provides customer support to assist with the returns process. Customers can often reach out for assistance, clarification, or to resolve any issues related to their returns.


General Pants Co. has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1970s. Its evolution from a small boutique store to a fashion destination with in-house brands, international labels, and a strong online presence showcases its adaptability and commitment to staying at the forefront of the fashion industry. General Pants Co. has played a significant role in shaping fashion trends and continues to be a prominent player in the global fashion landscape.

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