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Schutz Shoes Reviews 2022

Are you looking for sophisticated and bold designer footwear?

Or maybe kate middleton is one of your style icons and you want to achieve her shoe style?

If you’re into simple and classic shoe pieces that looks elegant for any event, then schutz shoes may be the right pair for you.

Schutz is a popular designer brand worn by many celebs, and has also been spotted on kate middleton.

In july 2016, the new princess of wales wore a pair of schutz dollie sandals to the natural history museum in london for an awards ceremony hosted by art fund.

Since i’ve been seeing a lot of these shoes online, i have always been curious about this brand. Sadly, i have not had the opportunity to buy any product and check its quality until today!

Now that i got my pair of schutz shoes, i decided to make a complete guide of this brand, and the product that i got—the schutz josseana sandals.

Schutz Josseana Sandals: Product Fast Facts

Here is a quick overview of everything you need to know about schutz josseana sandals before i dive deeper into my review.

About the Brand

Schutz is a contemporary brazilian shoe brand with over 50 stores globally.


The brand was started by alexandre birman. He is a famous shoe designer, whose highly desirable shoes have been worn by celebrities such as gigi hadid, solange knowles, chanel iman, kate middleton, and more.

In addition, the shoes are made in the brand’s brazilian factory.

Different Shoe Styles from Schutz

Interested in schutz shoes for women? I’m going to walk you through the various types of shoes you can get from the schutz brand.


If you are looking for shoes to keep you warm and stylish during the fall and winter seasons, schutz can be a nice cold-day outfit.

From combat silhouettes to heeled styles, they have a boot that can match your style and taste.


Pump up the glamour with schutz heels. From classic pumps and wedges to stilettos and block heels, these heels are my fashionable favorites whether you’re going to work or casual events.

These power heels will help you exude a poised, professional, and feminine energy


When it comes to style and comfort, nothing comes close to ballet flats, mules, and quality sneakers. They’re known for their low-heels that l can assure you make strolling around town a chic experience

Product Details

The schutz josseana sandal is a mixed-media sandal that is perfect for an evening or formal wear, and features a feminine ankle tie and stiletto heel.

These heels are made of leather soles, and nubuck outer material. Nubuck is a luxury leather which makes these heels very soft, comfortable, and durable.


In terms of appearance and design, this stiletto boasts of class, elegance, and sophistication. You’ll never feel more confident and elevated that when you’re wearing these heels, that’s exactly what I felt about them!

It has a clear strap, 4.1 ” inches stiletto heel, tie straps on the ankle, open toe design, and a leather insole. The pair that I have is in Platina Vinyl/Metallic color.

The size ranges from 5-11, and it’s available in 7 colors.

Why Buy Schutz Shoes: Key Decision Factors

Buying schutz shoes is not always a straightforward process. If you’re considering purchasing schutz shoes, consider the key decision factors below to make your choice much easier.


The quality of your shoes matters a lot so ensure you buy shoes of the best quality. Shoes of premium quality come with high durability, meaning they last longer.

From the insole and midsole to the outsole, i recommend that you check every aspect of the schutz shoes to determine the quality. Pay attention to the material used to make the footwear and the sole type.


The prices of shoes can range widely, depending on the design, quality, and more. The price of the schutz shoes you wish to buy should be within your budget range. I advise that you also take advantage of offers like sales discounts to get the best shoe deal

Size Ranges

When buying shoes, you must get a perfect size. A wrong shoe size is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to various foot problems. First, measure your foot size.

As you are shopping for schutz shoes, try the pair on to confirm that they fit. From my experience, i found that schutz shoes are not true to size so you should try buying a size larger for a better fit.

Mix-and-Match Potential

I understand that there’s no bigger killer joy than buying a pair of shoes that doesn’t complement any of your outfits. This is why you should consider the mix-and-match potential before making a purchase.

Assess the type of outfits you usually wear. It will help you pick out timeless schutz shoe options that you can pull off with almost any attire.

These shoes come with a lot of benefits. Here are some of the things I loved about it:

  • High-Quality

Schutz shoes are crafted from luxe materials like suede, leather, vinyl, and metallic leather, meaning they can endure for seasons to come.

  • Appealing

Apart from their durability, these are also beautiful, statement shoes. I find that Schutz shoes are fun and sexy as well.

  • Budget-Friendly

Despite being a luxury brand, Schutz shoes have a fair price point that works for almost everyone. You are guaranteed value for your money

  • Versatile

With a diverse range of styles and designs, there’s a pair of Schutz shoes to suit every style and occasion. This helps you elevate your wardrobe with timeless shoe designs.

What I Don’t Love About Schutz Shoes

Schutz shoes also have their fair share of downsides. Consider the cons below.


Schutz shoes tend to be very narrow and the size seems to run on the smaller side. As a result, i found that they did not fit well when i bought a shoe true to size.

Normally, i am an 8 and when i ordered a pair of schutz heels in an 8, they were a tad small.

What’s more, if you have a chunky foot some schutz shoes may not accommodate your feet well.

Comfort (for stilettos)

While the schutz stiletto heels are a great style  , they are not the most comfortable. They don’t have enough arch support and my feet hurt after wearing them.

Final Thoughts: Are Schutz Shoes the Right Fit for You?

On opening the box, I loved these shoes. They’re unbelievably HOT!, have great color, and they added extra elegance to every outift I wear.

I wore them around the house a few days in a debate of whether to use them for an event or not because they were not too comfortable for me. Toes slip out the front & very high heel, so lots of pressure on the ball of feet and strain on the arch.

The sexy won out, though. I bought some clear heel pads and arch support, so they were wearable.

You can wear this princess sandals with skirt, maxi and short dress or a pair of jeans! They’re especially great for evening dates, weddings, and formal events.

Overall, I still recommend this shoes for their style, elegance, and affordability! They were uncomfortable for me, but if you’re used to wearing high heels, I think they are more wearable.

You can also buy some clear heel pads and arch support, so they were wearable without having pain or pressure on your feet.

Why Trust Me?

I’ve visited a couple of schutz stores to independently assess the features of the shoes. While the staff is sweet, they let you decide the type of shoe you want on your own. Make sure you try different sizes in case the normal size fits unwell.

During my visits, i bought several shoes from their brand including wedges, boots, flats, and stiletto heels. Apart from the heels that aren’t a good fit due to poor sizing , i have generally had a good experience with other schutz shoes.



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