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Rastaclat Bracelet Review

Rastaclat bracelet

In this world mired by selfishness and an overarching desire to one-up your fellow humans, it is hard to find solace and comfort. But, rastaclat bracelet has changed my purview completely. They are a company hard bent on bringing together the human race one bracelet at a time!

What is the rastaclat bracelet?

These bracelets are a wide assortment of a multi coloured piece of clothing. They are quite unique in their design, away from the drab and dreary look of the standard variety of bracelets. And, unlike the standard bracelets which come embedded with a plastic feeling to them these bracelets are made of the finest cloth, feeling like a royalty was never this easy!

Since i have put on the galaxy shoelace bracelet, all i have received have been a slew of compliments from onlookers; the worst part is that they are not meant for me! They are for the bracelet that i so proudly sport. I have worn it in every place, literally! Shower, the beach, house parties, everything you could think of and name, i would have worn the bracelet there. And the best part, it never even budged under the constant beating! The print is as flawless as the first time i laid my eyes on it, the bracelet feels as if it was crafted the day before ( i have been using it for the past 2 weeks now ). And, i have had a lot of my friends and acquaintances asking me about where to get one for them! I told them about rastaclat, of course. How could i not? They are a bunch of amazing people having created something so impeccably magnificent!

And the other part is the immense pride that i feel swerving through me for having done something which is “right”. After all, that is what people at rastaclat aim towards achieving. In their own words “they believe that positive action can change lives. Inspire confidence and unite us as human beings.” words that i would wholly swear by!

Final words.

If you have been looking for a bracelet that would last you longer than the stipulated 3 days or have been looking towards buying something that would have you stand out amongst the crowd. Then, your search ends at one of the rastaclat bracelet! They are sleek, stylish, in vogue and sturdy as a rock. And you also get the pleasurable feeling of doing something positive for the society, being a part of their call for change.

More than just a bracelet

Hi guys, my name is suzy and i am heavily pregnant, expecting our second and hopefully last child (if i can convince my hubby that we only need two kids, that is. It’s not like we are planning to run a kindergarten at home) that is due in a month or so. My first born daughter is about six years old and she looks up to me, she wants to be like mummy when she grows up.

Last week my hubby bought my daughter and me matching rastaclat bracelet. I think they are miniclat: babsy. My three best friends from high school had a mini tea party with our children. That was in our bucket list by the way. Our theme was cinderella, (of course). Fortunately our kids are all girls, so it was an all-girls affair. Each of us was to dress like a queen and our baby as a princess. Not in a formal stiff uncomfortable way but just silly costumes and wigs and the works. But something was missing. You know that feeling you have when everything looks okay but it just doesn’t feel fulfilling? That’s how i felt. L went to my husband and was like, “hubby, how do you think this would look for the tea party?” he could also sense it, something wasn’t right. Thank god my hubby nailed it. The matching bracelet completed the look.

The party was a blast. We shared stories while the kids played. Embarrassing moments, happy moments even some sad moments seemed funny. It’s only when you look back on your life that you can afford to laugh about the things that happened. Absolutely lovely, connecting with my best friends and reliving those times when we were crazy. So my girlfriends were really amazed. I mean, they saw me grow up as a tomboy and now i was all dolled up with my little girl. Who could have though this day would come? And just to emphasize, i was very much opposed to adding a tea party event with our kids in our bucket list. Even the thought of wearing a dress was enough to make me blush.

The other kids really wanted similar bracelet too. And in that happy mood, we ordered for some more rastaclat bracelets. We all had fun and it’s all my daughter could talk about for weeks (the event). Now she’s totally in love with rastaclat bracelet. It has become her trademark. It is a huge privilege to see that you are making your kid’s childhood amazing, such a great blessing. That is the reward a mum gets. Just to see your little girl explore, adventure, make friends and most of all know that mummy loves her very much is your reward. I have a feeling that we’ll do this more often. This is really more than just a bracelet, it is a good memory that i will treasure for years to come.

Elegance and style for your wrist

It’s hard to believe that a simple braided shoelace worn around the wrist could come to represent such a statement of style and elegance, but that is what rastaclat bracelets have done, taking the world of fashion by storm. Woven with passion, the bracelets evoke an aura of freedom and positivity.

Whether you need to have a simple, classy piece on your wrist, or a flashier multicolored piece, rastaclat bracelets are there to match your tastes. Available in multiple patterns and colors, this is one accessory you would not want to be caught without. The wide range of designs available allows you to vary your look-whether you want something subtle that blends seamlessly with your chosen outfit, or a flashy piece that draws the eyes straight to your wrist, there’s a product for you. The colors vary from plain pastel hues to vibrant neon colors to complex patterns that deserve outfits in their own right. One of the most appealing features of the bracelets is the sturdy design. The braiding goes beyond creating an eye-catching texture. It ensures great strength that assures you of long service without fear of fraying or breaking.

The simple braided design of rastaclat bracelets make them easy to pair with whatever outfit you may have, and this is one item where one is simply not enough. I like an accessory i can personalize and play with, and rastaclat bracelets fit the bill perfectly. One easy way you can spruce up your look is by simply combining several bracelets on your arm, working with the interplay of patterns to create an eclectic look. This is one of my favorite ways of wearing my rastaclat bracelets, since the look created is unique. Your wrist can be your own fashion playground as you experiment with different designs created by wearing different bracelets arranged differently. In fact, with a few of these in your arsenal, you can create a whole new look each day for a while.

For those days when you are out cheering your favorite team, these bracelets come in handy. If you’re not the “in your face” type of fan, then rastaclat bracelets provide a discreet way for you to show loyalty to your team colors while giving you freedom to decide what outfit to wear. The bracelets are available in state colors as well, allowing you to demonstrate your patriotism in a subtle way.

Apart from the classic braided design, rastaclat bracelets are also available in a knotted variant aptly named knotaclat. This elegant yet simple bracelet will definitely up your game whenever you wish for a clean, classy look. Whenever i need a professional look, this is my go to design. A knotaclat bracelet elevates a simple shoelace to something that fits right in with official dress shirts and sharp suits.

So, whether your style is casual or official, conservative, eclectic or bohemian, there is bound to be a rastaclat bracelet or ten that will tickle your fancy. Mine have never disappointed me, and you can be sure that yours will also join the ranks of your favorite accessories.

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