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How to Secure Your Router

One of the major effects you have to suppose of when setting up your wireless router is how to make it as hacker- evidence as possible. You would not want other people to gain access to your original network. However, you have to make sure that your original network security is impregnable, If sensitive documents are in your computer.

The first thing you should do is to buy a wireless router that’s dependable when it comes to its security. Read reviews so you’ll know which brands of routers are the most secured. After buying your networking device, connect your internet modem to the reverse WAN niche of your router. Once it has been connected, you can configure the settings using the following way
Step 1 Open any web cyber surfer and type192.168.1.1 on the url niche of your browser. However, you can try 192, If this isn’t working.168.2.1. This will lead you to a runner where you can configure the settings of the router.

Step 2 You should change the admin word first. Don’t use the dereliction word because utmost hackers are familiar with dereliction watchwords. Write down your word so you won’t forget. You might need to reconfigure or reset your router settings and you need the word to get through.
Step 3 Change the SSID. This is also called the Network name. You can change it to your own name for easier reference. generally, the dereliction SSID is the model and the brand of your router. Leaving the SSID in its dereliction settings can make it easier for hackers to hack your network. After renaming, turn off the SSID broadcasting. This will help other people from getting signals from your network. It’ll make your network unnoticeable.

Step 4   The encryption settings of your system is generally turned off. But it’s better to turn it off and set it to WPA2 for farther security.

Step 5   Download the rearmost router firmware from the website of the manufacturer of your router. This will help you descry bugs or any crimes that might mess up with the security of your original system.

Step 6   It’s ideal to write down or back up the settings of your router. Just in case you need to reset the device, you can configure it fluently when you formerly know its former configuration.
Just follow these way in securing your wireless router and you can help hackers from entering your system.

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