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How To Increase Your Website Traffic Without any Cost

How to increase your website traffic with zero cost’. It’s a bold statement do not you think. But, believe me it’s true. You can increase your traffic by 1000 with no cost involved if you do it the right way. Continue reading if you want to know-how.

I have outlined 5 ways to reach your target. But, please keep in mind that these aren’t the only ways that you can do to increase your traffic. There are hundreds of techniques to increase traffic. But these ones are the proven ones. I have used it tête-à-tête. More importantly, these ways can get you FREE traffic. You are money is saved in your Bank. Let’s go to the
first one.


Technique# 1 Linking strategy


A linking strategy is the easiest way to get free traffic. When I say” the easiest way” it doesn’t mean that you can ask everybody to link to your Website and do nothing after that. Compared to other techniques that you will discover, this bone
will take a lower time to do.

Here is how to do it. First, select the Website in your niche market. Be selective. Choose one that has high traffic. Usually a high business point is enough stingy to put link to your point. So, the key then’s to be patient. Ask them how numerous callers do they entered per month and if they could link to yoursite. However, telegraph them the alternate time, If they do not answer your request.

Be persistent. However, ask them to trade link instead( complementary link), If they do not want to link to your Website. This is the last resort you want to have.

Word of warning Do not crowd your site with too multiple links. Only accept link trading if it’s really worth it.

Technique# 2 Offer Free eBooks or Blog

You will fall in love with this technique if you see what it can do to your point. This fashion can produce an excellent’ Viral marketing’ effect. It can multiply the no of callers to your point in a matter of days.
This most important thing about this fashion is that to offer commodity that’s really useful to your caller. So useful that they can only get that information from you!
You need to the’ wants’ in your need request. What problems do they encounter? break these problems and you have a killer papers ore-book that you can give away for free. Flash back, do not vend it. Give it down forfree.However, you can give your callers a partial of it, If you feel really reticent to give your composition ore-book for free. But, make sure it’s really useful. Do not forget to put your name and your contact information in this composition ore-book. generally, if you write an composition, you need to include your resource box at the veritably nethermost of your composition.

The most important task in this fashion is to offer a manufacture right to your callers. What this mean is that your callers can publish your papers ore-book to anyone in any medium; dispatch, Ezine, website or anything. But please state your condition Include your contact information or resource box. This will produce viral effect to your callers.
Before I forgot, there’s one particular-book compiler that’s good in doing this kind of task. The name of thise-book compiler is  E-book Edit Pro’. With this compiler, you can offer your callers a customizable-book. This is a great incitement for them to distribute your composition ore-book since they can put their name and information in it .However, please visit

Technique# 3 Classified announcement

This is the utmost time consuming fashion compared to all 5. While it’s time consuming, it’s really worth it.

Tips- This fashion should be used together with the below fashion. Let me explain

First, you need to write one-book or composition that you can give it down for free. also, you need have an autoresponder. However, you can get one for free, If you do not have an autoresponder( your hosting company should give this service for free). Just type’ free autoresponder’ in your hunt machine and you will get hundred of spots that handed free autoresponder. However, I’d like to suggest these autoresponder
If you are searching for excellent autoresponder.
1. You pay yearly to them for furnishing service. The most important point is that you can epitomize your autoresponder with your caller’s name. They also give a free service. The only catch is that there will be an announcement in your dispatch.

2. One of the first companies to give autoresponder service. Try to visit their point if you want to learn further. principally, it offers the same kind of service

3. You only need to pay one- time freights for this service since the software will be installed on your garçon. It’s great in you do not want to pay high yearly freights. The only debit for Autoresponseplus is that you need to have a little bit skill on how to install cgi( Common Gateway Interface) on your garçon.

Enough talking. Let’s continue.

After you have your own autoresponder, place your free composition in this autoresponder. Now, you need to announce your autoresponder address in the classified announcement website. Do not put your dispatch address but your autoresponder address. The stylish part with this fashion is that you can capture you caller’s dispatch. You can communicate them again and again if you have any offer in the future.

fashion# 4 Deliver instructional pack Ezine/ newsletter

People suds the net to look for information. Out of 100, only 3 people suds the net to buy commodity. But others are doing some exploration or try to find commodity instructional.

With this keep in mind, you can attract people to come to your point if you can deliver them timely information. By producing timely information, you fused these callers to your point precluding them from going away. This can be done by giving them free newsletter or Ezine.

This isn’t an easy task because there’s cornucopia of free information on the net. You need to give them commodity different from these’ free’ stuff. Try to give commodity unique in your Ezine. For illustration, if you are publishing music Ezine, try to make a deal with music marker so that you can give special price to your subscriber. Make sure your subscriber can not get this of kind if deal in other place. However, you are formerly on top of the world, If you can produce this unique proposition. Your Ezine will spread like fire. further people will come to your point to subscribe your unique newsletter.

fashion# 5 Offer chapter program

This is the topmost FREE business creator fashion out there. With this fashion both parties win; you and your chapter program party. You get further business and deals, they get further plutocrat from referral commission.

This content is really a large content. I can write a wholee-book about how to produce a successful chapter program. But, I will bandy the introductory thing about chapter program in then.

principally, to produce an effective chapter program, you need to produce an interest for your caller’s to join your chapter program. You can do this by giving them high referral freights and marketing tools for them to use. Above all, you need to make them easy to promote your product or service. Do not make them do all the hard work. It’s your job.

The coming thing you need to do is to motivate them to spread the word about you. communicate them in a timely manner. Do not forget them after they have joined your program. Make them feel special. In fact, they’re special since they’re the bone
who’ll do the creation and advertising.
A well designed chapter program can increase your website business and deals by unconceivable quantum. But again, you need to devote all you trouble in this fashion if you want to have a successful chapter program. Do not do it half way. Indeed if you’ve to work 18 hours a day to produce your own chapter program, it’s really worth it in the future. The lucre is going to be thousand times your original trouble.
All of these ways are free. You do not have to spend a song on them. Try it on your point. I have tried all these ways. And they work!

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