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Gelato Review 2022

Are you seeking a printing partner to support the expansion of your print-on-demand company? Even though Gelato isn’t as well-known as Printify or Printful, it is growing.

What is Gelato?

When it comes to wall art (posters, framed posters, canvases, acrylic, aluminum, wood print), calendars, and greeting cards, Gelato has the most extensive and comprehensive portfolio of any Print on Demand company. They offer all of the basic items in the apparel category, including t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops with long sleeves, sportswear, sweatshirts, and more.

  • Apparel: T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, kids’ apparel, baby clothes, tank tops, eco-conscious collection
  • Wall Art: posters, framed posters, canvases, acrylic, aluminum, wood print
  • Mugs
  • Tote Bags
  • Photobooks
  • Stationery: Calendars, cards, notebooks, etc.

Printing Technologies

Gelato provides a wide range of printing methods. It’s possible that not all products are compatible with certain printing technologies.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

The most prevalent approach for apparel is this one. It is a type of digital printing in which ink is deposited pixel by pixel with inkjet printers. The ink drenches into the dress strands, which makes a quality eventual outcome. Repeated washing is unlikely to harm the image.

Due to its similarity to paper-based digital printing, the DTG process is the most common one. Sublimation is another option, and embroidery is coming soon.

Gelato does not offer screen printing; however, additional print areas and alternative methods will soon be available to provide customers with additional branding and customization options.


Gelato offers item personalization device which permits customers on all stages to customize their plan. Additionally, they provide options for automation that can assist in automating the customization process. Canva’s integration with Gelato’s print on demand services makes it easy for Canva customers to take advantage of POD products, making it stand out from the competition.

Gelato has a mockup generator and design tool. This way, you can get a preview of how your products will look. The mockup generator’s images can also be used as product images in your store.

Design services are not offered by Gelato. You can hire a freelancer to create your designs for you if you are not a designer or are not familiar with Canva.

Printful offers warehousing services, but Gelato does not. Most people don’t care about this because the whole point of POD is to not carry inventory.

All platforms support personalization from Gelato, but Shopify is the only one that lets customers customize their purchases themselves. If you are ok with manually entering all of the order information each time a customer places an order, you can also use Gelato without an online store.


Printful is our top recommendation for a POD service. We like it because it does more than other businesses do. They also provide branding and design services in addition to a wide range of products. You can also use their warehousing services if your brand grows to the point where you need to keep some stock on hand for faster fulfillment. Printful costs a little bit more per item, but the consistency and quality make it worth the extra money.


Printify is yet another well-known player in the POD sector. It is comparable to Gelato and Printful. Printify has more products overall, which is the main difference. You’ll have access to a global network of print providers from which to choose. Printify might be the best option for your e-commerce company if you want to make use of embroidery or if you want more variety.


If you want a variety of products and printing technologies, GearLaunch is another option. You can accept international orders, like Gelato, because both platforms ship to many countries. GearLaunch only integrates with Shopify stores, which is a drawback. Printful or Printify will work better if you use a different platform.

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