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Choosing the Best Camera for You

Over the years, many people have asked me what kind of the best camera should they buy. It is never  same answer for people. It really depends on a number of factors. I was in their shoes before, so I know what it is like to want someone to point me in the right way. This article is for anyone jumping into the world of video making, either professionally or as a hobby and everything in between. It’s for the blogger podcast host, the film school student and aspiring filmmaker who has a specific video making need in mind. If any of the following descriptions below sound like you, then read on.

The Blogger Podcast host:

  • Are you a blogger an  a create  video podcast host needing to up your video quality game? You don’t necessarily need a hi-tech fancy camera, rather you just need a camera that will help you look good

The Film School or Anti-Film School student:

  • Maybe you are  coming out of film school or a film & video program frustrated that all you learned was theory. So now you are ready to get out there & start shooting, but you need to start your gear collection.

Not All Cameras are Created Equal.

When a camera manufacturer sets out to design a camera, there is a clear purpose  on your  user demand . You might be thinking, “A camera is a camera right?” Not really.  There are 4  type  general different categories of video cameras available.

• Consumer Camcorders
• Prosumer Camcorders
• Large Sensor Cameras

While you’re beginning making recordings and you probably won’t have that much insight added to your repertoire, so it’s hard to know whch class of camera will suite you. It’s hard to tell what kind of camera succeeds at which explicit reason or which camera is suitable to use under which situation. It’s hard to tell why you could try and need to get one style of camera sections another?

In one sense, you can nearly involve any camera for all possible circumstances. In any case, that doesn’t imply that you ought to. For instance, on the off chance that you were a house painter and you were employed to paint the outside of a colossal manor. You wouldn’t just utilize a little brush to paint the whole house. You’d utilize rollers or a splashing gadget of some sort or another. Similar applies to the universe of camcorders. Video and movie producers end up shooting in numerous sorts of situations. Simply realize that there are justifications for why certain cameras have been planned with specific details. Camera producers by and large plan cameras in view of client criticism and normal video shooting situations. This likewise doesn’t mean you ought to embark to purchase 3 or 4 cameras. Actually, you likely can manage the cost of one camera and you just need one camera in any case.


One thing is for sure, everything begins with the camera. It’s the essential instrument for video and filmmaking. Video and filmmaking is a visual medium most importantly. There are such countless decisions with regards to cameras. New models of cameras are continuously coming out like clockwork. The value reaches can change incomprehensibly. Actually, every camera has its assets and shortcomings.

In the event that you’re simply beginning you may not realize what are serious areas of strength for the flimsy parts of each kind of camera. A companion might have told you “Hello you HAVE to purchase a DSLR to shoot your recordings.” Your companion might not have made sense of what the drawbacks are. More awful yet assuming you for the most part need to make numerous extended web addresses, the last thing you really want is the DSLR. The strongly suggested DSLR might turn out to be the thoroughly off-base apparatus for your requirements.

A maker was letting me know they had a shoot that necessary a camera that could make dazzling pictures, however they likewise needed to shoot all day where they’d catch lots of film. What they required was an enormous sensor camcorder that could record for extensive stretches of time. The maker told me the videographer they worked with brought a camera that has famously gigantic video document sizes and short record times. It dialed them back to off stack lots of film onto a PC, continually putting an end to their shooting plan. On top of that the camera is an ergonomic bad dream. Which likewise dialed the shooter back when it came to continually changing setups.The camera did in the end deliver shocking pictures, yet at the expense of being wasteful.


I’ve been in this present circumstance too as the individual who brought some unacceptable camera to get everything taken care of. It not just expense personal time, cash and energy, it adversely affected the entire shoot insight and the relationship with the client. My point is that there IS truly such an amazing concept as having the right device for the right work. Other than acquiring experience, by what other method could you at any point arrive at taught conclusions about a forthcoming camera buy?

How do you figure out what type of camera you need?

  • Identify what you mostly shoot. What do you need the camera for?
  • Identify your budget. Anticipate additional costs for media and other accessories.
  • Pick the best camera that fulfills as many of your criteria as possible.
  • Choose the right audio solution based on your camera choice. It may be a combination of mic plus a recorder or a mixer unit.
  •  Choose the right tripod based on your camera choice. The weight of your camera dictates the size of your tripod.
  • Choose lighting if you need it. This is largely based on your shooting needs.


Beginning in a specific order will assist you with reducing the camera and all essential supplemental hardware. Once more, everything begins with your decision of camera. From that point on the sound/mics, stand and somewhat the lights will be educated by your decision regarding camera.

Given the idea of innovation and new items reviving consistently, I recommend, anything that camera you settle on, you ought to mean to involve it for no less than two years or more.

Likewise you ought to figure out what is a need refrains a need. It is close to home to Buy electronic devices. Observe the close to home needs versus genuine requirements and meet midway. You would rather not be left with a camera that just satisfies your necessities however not a future longing.


Finally, don’t get overpowered or over think it. Try not to find out the latest with the mindset of “I won’t ever require a camera in light of the fact that some time or another I simply need to coordinate, so I’ll employ a camera man.” Truthfully with YouTube being the second biggest web crawler on the planet, figuring out how to make your own video will be a positive range of abilities for a surprisingly long time. Simply verify that you will begin making recordings, pick a camera and let it all out.

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