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Bitdefender Antivirus Review 2022

In this Bitdefender survey, we’ll investigate this antivirus arrangement’s highlights and valuing so you can choose if it’s the ideal decision for you.


Bitdefender is one of the biggest names in the antivirus programming industry. The organization offers everything from a free antivirus for individual use to big business security bundles for many clients. Despite the fact that Bitdefender positions as one of the most incredible antivirus administrations available, it’s not without a couple of little issues in regards to its hazy valuing and its presentation on client machines. Forbes Counselor sifted through the subtleties to reveal in the event that the security and highlights of Bitdefender beat a portion of its disadvantages.


  • Visual endpoint detection and response
  • Plans for small businesses and enterprises
  • Inexpensive personal plans


  • Expensive business plans
  • A little more demanding than other antivirus services

Bitdefender Antivirus at a Glance

One of Bitdefender’s assets is the quantity of highlights each plan offers. Forbes Guide separates the critical traits to sum up what Bitdefender offers.

Bitdefender’s shopper driven plans start at $19.99 each year for one gadget and go as far as possible up to $99.98 for 10 gadgets for the primary year. With the individual arrangement, you get standard highlights including hostile to phishing capacities, weakness evaluation reports and a record shredder that forever eliminates delicate data off of your machine.

This audit essentially centers around the business on the business bundle choice, however Bitdefender’s own arrangements are likewise noteworthy. In the event that you run a little or one-individual business, those bundles might worth consider.

The GravityZone Security Platform

Bitdefender’s protection is built on the company’s gravityzone platform. Gravityzone is a powerful security solution that can protect email servers, deal with security patches and encrypt your most sensitive data.

Pricing for bitdefender’s entry-level business security plan starts at $77.69 per year with protection for up to three devices and one server. Depending on what package and add-ons you go with, the software can easily cost over $10,000 per year for larger teams. This is in line with other business antivirus platforms we’ve seen on the market.

Gravityzone also offers security for virtual machines, full disk encryption and protection for mobile devices, all of which you can manage through a centralized control console. Some versions of gravityzone security also provide a risk management console that shows your company’s overall risk to attacks and breaks down the specific machines that are causing problems.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Location and Reaction (EDR) is one of the most up to date includes in Bitdefender. This extra module gives a visual outline of your PC frameworks that features potential assault ways by distinguishing any points of failure in your frameworks and proposes the moves toward fix any openings. In the event that an assault occurs, EDR allows you to separate and break down where itcame from and why it occurred in any case.

Protection for Small Businesses

In spite of the fact that Bitdefender offers a ton of devices for a huge venture, it likewise offers security for private companies. Bitdefender offers GravityZone Business Security, intended for anything from three gadgets to 100, which includes a rundown of devices that are customized toward independent companies without a devoted IT group.

GravityZone is currently at the core of the assistance, so you approach highlights like application conduct checking, ransomware insurance and electronic security. Over comparative private venture administrations, notwithstanding, Bitdefender likewise offers server insurance.

You can safeguard a virtual or actual server as a feature of your arrangement, no extra required. Server insurance compromises 30% of your complete gadgets, so you can safeguard one server with three gadgets and five servers with 15 gadgets. In the event that you don’t have a server, you can in any case involve your accessible gadgets as typical.

This is a tremendous advantage for independent ventures with a nearby record server or two. A ton of contending administrations just proposition server security through an extra or save it for additional costly plans. With Bitdefender, you can guard your servers regardless of the number of gadgets your business that necessities to secure

Other Benefits

In spite of the fact that we’ve zeroed in essentially on Bitdefender’s business assurance, it offers individual security, as well. The individual help is one of the most powerful available, offering a VPN, banking assurance and webcam security notwithstanding ransomware identification and constant security.

Bitdefender offers numerous antivirus bundles relying upon the elements you want and the quantity of gadgets you want to safeguard. Notwithstanding security for a solitary client, Bitdefender offers plans for families and little workplaces that main need to safeguard a couple of gadgets.

This makes Bitdefender so natural to suggest. Nearly in all cases, you can pick one from various antivirus bundles presented by the organization and it will convey the security you want. That incorporates huge ventures, developing organizations, little workplaces and, surprisingly, individual clients.

Fine Print

Bitdefender is loaded with highlights and consistently positions at the top at free antivirus testing outfits. With regards to safeguarding your gadgets and offering the most recent in assurance innovation, beating Bitdefender is difficult.

However, it’s flawed. Autonomous testing shows that it is somewhat more requesting on your PC than different administrations. It’s likewise been accounted for to at times hail a bogus positive, however they’re rare.

One of the greatest downsides to Bitdefender is cost. It’s one of the more costly administrations available, and a few basic elements, for example, email security, will cost you extra. You could wind up burning through hundreds more on a membership contrasted with different choices relying upon the elements you want.

However, some setting is significant with estimating. Despite the fact that it’s more costly than administrations like Avast, Bitdefender offers a liberal markdown for the underlying term. Furthermore, it offers highlights like server insurance across most strategies, while numerous different administrations charge for the additional assurance.

It’s critical to take note of that the higher-than-normal estimating just applies to the business administration. As we’ll dive into in the following segment, Bitdefender’s own arrangements end up less expensive than a large part of the opposition.

How Bitdefender Stacks Up

Standing out Bitdefender from other renowned antivirus organizations, clearly it’s in the top class of organizations. Avira really rules it considering our rankings, yet Bitdefender truly sorts out some way to beat a couple of other top associations, including Malwarebytes.

The best frank qualification between the three organizations is cost. Recollect that Bitdefender offers a liberal markdown on yearly assessing, which is the explanation it’s a particularly incredible arrangement more affordable than Avira and Malwarebytes.

Concerning features, Bitdefender and Avira are clearly essentially indistinguishable. Both go past fundamentally checking with a set-up of wellbeing and PC change features. Both consolidate a VPN, threatening to following measures for your program and unfriendly to spam measures for neighborhood email clients.

Malwarebytes consolidates a part of these features, including a VPN and program protection. In any case, it’s inclination the deficiency of specific features, too. Surprisingly, it rejects a PC clean up gadget or a record shredder, the two of which are open with Avira and Bitdefender.

There are a couple of locales where Avira may be an ideal choice over Bitdefender. For example, Avira integrates two or three immaterial extra things that Bitdefender needs, like an expense assessment instrument for your program. In any case, the two structures are really similar in what they offer

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