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Best Golden Rules of Website Design

Numerous websites I come through break what I call the  golden rules of web design. In this composition I’ll show you these  golden rules so your website performs at it’s veritably stylish.

Easy on the Eye
Stay down from using strong colours and numerous images. Effective websites are simple websites. Use colours that congratulate each other well, do not, for illustration use a black background and have pink textbook, this is sure to drive your caller, and implicit client down from your point. Light blues, light slate, white, unheroic, and green can really congratulate each other if enforced effectively. First prints are crucial and the first thing a caller is going to see when they land on your point, is your design, if they don’t like it, also they presumably will not return.

Try to get a good theme going throughout your point, a theme relative to the product or service you’re dealing is always a good thing. Flash back however, we don’t want hundreds of images splashed across our runner, we want to keep images down, and keep them veritably relative to the content on our point. secerning website themes can confuse callers, this is Norway good as they most presumably will not be staying for long on your point. utmost spots currently have one theme, the design throughout the point doesn’t differ. Themes are also important to your branding, having a good theme can leave an print on your caller’s mind, whenever they come back to your point, they now they’re on your point.

Having a good quantum of content on your point is a plus, still, swamping our caller down with tons and tons of information is not. We want to get across a good quantum of information without it being too much. Too important information can bore the caller, and eventually lead to them leaving your point. Good content is also important for SEO( hunt machine optimisation) purposes. The better your content, the advanced your chances will be of perfecting your hunt machine rankings. Try not to use big, brash sources within your content, captions are ok, but do not make them protrusive. I like to use Arial as a fountain for my web designs as it’s veritably easy to read. I also try to stay down from using black coloured fountain on my point, although black is ok, I like to be different. My spots will use dark greys our blues for the main textbook. It feels fresh and easy on the eye.

Navigation is a really important factor to the success of a website. Having links dotted around your point will feel like wading through saccharinity for your caller. Flash back, if your website is hard to read, plus delicate to navigate around, your caller simply will not bother and go nearly differently. I tend to have my main navigation at the top of my runner, easily laid out so the caller knows exactly where to pierce everything. In general, the links you want in your main navigation are

– a link to your homepage
– a link to your contact runner
– a link to your products services runner

Obviously, what to put in your main navigation will differ between websites, but those above three are important bones
to have.
Stoner Interaction

Interact with your caller through your website. We want the caller to get involved in the experience. This is a golden occasion for you to put a sign up box on your point, where your caller can subscribe up to your mailinglist. However, perhaps a questionnaire or check where you can gather caller data, If not a mailing list. This can be useful for understanding exactly what your caller wants to see on your website, it’s a great occasion for some useful caller feedback.


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