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Avoid Web Hosting Mistakes to Buy

There are so multiple web hosting provider out there that trying to get your attention and your amount by offering all kinds of services. Before you go shopping, make sure you avoid these hosting mistakes

Get attracted only because of their small price. There are Number of hosting plan that offer very small charge, and for the first time it does look very amazing, but think for a moment what will you get by only paying that much, this could mean that they do not use a decent hardware and software that could result your site get hacked easily or very slow connection and many other problems that could cost you more than the hosting Amount. Use your common sense when you come across super cheap hosting plan.

Not knowing your conditions. This is a common mistake that could be when you’re upgrading your sites by adding new services that challenge a special resource. For case, you’re buying program coded using PHP and the programmer encrypt it using some encryption software that requires the Hosting server to have the decryption software installed in it, but because you don’t have any idea what the scripts need and also not knowing whether the garçon have the resource or not you could end up frustrated because the scripts aren’t working as it should. So, always check your website conditions and also your host hosting sever resource before you decide upgrading your website.

Putting all your website in one host. It’s nice to be suitable to put more than one website in one host, but what happened if the garçon is down? also, all of your website will go down with it. And if all your website is making plutocrat, this means you lose all of your income source. The result is to spread your website to several hosts, it’s more precious, but it could save you some frustration and plutocrat in the future.
Try to avoid those miscalculations over, and your hosting experience will be a good bone

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