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Ariat Boots Review 2022

If you’re a cowboy boot lover, you’ve possibly heard of ariat, however the query remains: how do they stack up towards different brands? It’s no mild selection determining to spend money on a excellent pair of boots.

We attempted out of ariat’s maximum famous patterns to decide whether or not those boots are really well worth the hype.

back in my coffee-roasting days, i figured a couple of $forty boots could reduce it for the lengthy days status and shifting heavy baggage around.

well, it turned into real for per week till i ran a hand-truck over my foot.

you understand the sort of pain—in which you simply take a seat down down for ten mins and don’t say a phrase. the sort of sting you can’t even muster a curse phrase for.

that’s approximately the time i began out searching out a actual paintings boot.

and that’s after i determined ariat.

now, years later, it’s time for me to re-up, so i picked up of the brand’s maximum famous styles: the workhog and the rambler. keep analyzing to get my complete mind on each.

What is Ariat?

Ariat is one of the top brands making western boots today. To get the inspiration behind the name, you have to go back to the early summer of 1973: the kentucky derby. The year secretariat won the triple crown.

Think about it: how many horses do you know by name? Heck, i wasn’t even born, and i know that horse’s name. Considering that i can’t remember several of my grade school teachers’ names, that’s pretty incredible.

According to legend, Secretariat’s heart was twice the size of a normal thoroughbred, and that gave him the special drive and ability to become what some argue was the greatest racehorse of all time.

Ariat boots are built with that same philosophy of power, athleticism, and determination. Unlike standard western boots, Ariat spends considerable time making their insoles as comfortable as possible to withstand long days of work, so you can go the extra mile when you have to.

Things to Consider Before Buying Work Boots and Western Boots

Ariat has a huge variety of western boots, so earlier than you move buying, do not forget the principle use you’ll be getting out of your boots.

Will you be operating in them? And what type of work? If you’re doing any heavy lifting, appearance to a number of their fashions with metallic or composite toes.

For any ranch or outside work, choose up some thing with waterproofing so that you don’t sacrifice your boots’ sturdiness in case you get stuck withinside the mud.

But that’s simply work. What approximately play?

If you’re getting a slick pair of western boots to your weekend nights out on the bar, don’t be afraid to reveal a touch flair.

Western boots are right floor for strutting your stuff. And fellas, the women find it irresistible while you stroll with confidence, so get a boot that indicates that.

Ariat gives more than a few boots with a slim, smooth profile (just like the rambler), which seems terrific with a couple of darkish blue jeans. Or, in case you decide on a pop of color, take a look at out some thing with a touch sprint of brightness via the calf.

Ariat WorkHog Review

My first creation to ariat become with the workhog numerous years ago. I’d visible some men in my fatherland put on them even as out running on their property (shout out to all my socal desolate tract people).

After these kinds of years, i become lower back withinside the marketplace for a few paintings boots and the workhog become pinnacle of my list, so i picked up a couple of the workhog waterproof composite toe work boots. I favored the oily brown distressed leather-based because it appeared adore it wanted the least care and attention, however ought to nonetheless climate a few hard conditions.

Leather Quality and Care

There isn’t too much information about the leather available online, but in my experience with these boots, they’re as low maintenance as i’d hoped.

The leather is treated with waterproofing, and is packed with oils and waxes. It’s roughed out, so it arrives with a bit of that rugged look to it already. I know you’re not worried about scratching your workhogs up, but these should age gracefully.

The leather is creamy smooth to the touch and must be chrome-tanned based on how soft and supple it is.

I’m a fan of the composite toe because it’s much lighter than a steel toe but still offers a good deal of protection. Like most composite toes, it’s not the absolute strongest, but for most working applications, it gets the job done.


The sole is surely in which ariat separates itself from the competition.

These paintings boots are flat out a number of the maximum snug boots i own.

They characteristic a cushioned eva midsole, that is snug proper away, however keeps to conform for your foot. After per week or so, you’ll be feeling that candy eva caress.

And the outsole is hardcore. Abrasion, oil, and slip resistant, that is what makes the workhog the workhog. If your paintings calls for an electrical safety rating, you’re exact with those boots. I’m nevertheless in my first few months with the ariat workhog, so i can’t talk to how the only goes to preserve up, however i’m assured those can pass the distance.

Fit and Sizing

Ariat offers a range of sizing, including narrow (b), regular (d), and wide (ee).

I picked mine up in a regular d. Like all western boots, there’s a bit of heel slip at first, but the fit is excellent. I recommend not playing the game where you try and guess if the brand runs big or small. Just get your true size and you should be satisfied.

As for the width, at first it felt a bit snug. But after wearing them for a week, my foot sunk into the eva midsole more and the leather broke in, so the width isn’t an issue.

A good rule to follow is that if you wear your boots for a few hours and start to get that “pins and needles” feeling in your foot, your boots might be too narrow. When you first get your ariat’s, wear them around the house for a day to get a feel for them. If you need to return them for a wider size, it’ll be no problem because the soles will still be squeaky clean.

Ariat Midtown Rambler Review

First Impression

While ariat has a reputation for their work boots (which is how i knew of them), i’m a stylish guy and i figured i had to give one of their more fashion-forward boots a try.

So i picked up their midtown rambler in stone.

I like the roughed out rugged leather look, which has a sort of rock-and-roll vibe that’s perfect for friday night beers with the guys.


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